Weekend Escape: Moonstone Beach

Jo Anne Disney
September 28, 2013 • 282 views

Looking for a quiet weekend escape?  Moonstone Beach is the place. You can enjoy the ocean without the crowds and city noise. Moonstone Beach is located in Cambria and referred to as “a little bit of heaven.”  The atmosphere is relaxing and can be enjoyed by all. It is approximately 240 miles from Los Angeles. From Highway 101 take Highway 46 to Highway 1. Watch the sign on the left.
Cambria has long been referred to as “an artist’s colony.” It is currently home to many galleries from local to internationally known artists. The town covers approximately 3 square miles and has a population of 6,032. There are many reasons why Cambria is so popular. It has a mild climate, smog-free blue skies except for some seasonal fog, and that wonderful ocean breeze; all of the things that we don’t have living in the San Gabriel Valley.
We are told that Moonstone Beach is named after the exquisite translucent stones found on Cambria’s beaches. “Moonstone or chalcedony translucent quartz that is commonly pale blue or gray with nearly waxlike luster) is formed in the earth by patient dripping of water through the ages. It is swept down the streams into the ocean where it is tumbled and polished by our turbulent surf along our rocky coast.” And, history tells us that the ancient Greeks “believed the stone to arouse the most tender of passions and were convinced that the stone foretold the future and could guide a person in making decisions.”
What is nice about walking along Moonstone Beach is that there are walkways that make getting down to the ocean much easier. The entire area is very well kept and it is obvious the residents take pride in their town. Walking along the beaches becomes an adventure as you search for moonstones. The sand is so different from our beaches as it seems to have fewer shells and more smooth multi-colored stones. “Cambria moonstones are also called quartz agates and may be found along the beaches from San Simeon Cove south to Moonstone Beach.” And in the town of Cambria there are many places that sell moonstone jewelry. When you think about the years it took to make the moonstones, one appreciates the jewelry even more. For more information about Moonstone Beach and Cambria, visit:  www.cambriachamber.org.

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