Zombies Invade Santa Anita Park with the Inaugural Zombie Blood Run

by Lorena and Lucia Flores
September 9, 2013 • 1,125 views


On August 17, 2013, Mid Valley Radio attended the Zombie Blood Run held in at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA.  The event was produced by Timberwolf Productions Inc. and featured a number of specially designed obstacle courses intended to deliver the maximum scare factor for those in attendance.

The racetrack of Santa Anita Park was transformed into a 1.5-mile apocalyptic obstacle course complete with zombie props and “blood.”  During an interview on Mid Valley Radio’s “Around The Valley” program, Dirk Hagen (CEO of Timberwolf Productions and founder of the Zombie Blood Run), emphasized that “Our concept is we have no mud, just blood.”

Participants in the event had a choice to either be a zombie or a runner.  Those that chose to participate as zombies had the privilege of getting their zombie makeup done courtesy of students from Cinema Makeup School.  CMS students showed off their amazing make-up skills by transforming regular folks into fearsome zombies.  These zombies were then released onto the course and ready to do battle with runners.

Whether you were a Zombie or a Runner, everyone who participated received a participation bag full of goodies, which included: a numbered event bib, an event survivor medallion, an energy drink courtesy of VAMP, a Collector Trading Card, an event poster & sticker, a Collector bookmark, and admittance to the Zombie After Party.

Adjacent to the course were vendor booths offering products and information to attendees.  Mid Valley Radio’s booth featured station information, flyers, stickers, and a t-shirt give-away.  Other vendors at the event included the American Red Cross, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, VAMP energy drink, and several zombie-themed merchants.

Mid Valley News was also represented, as Assistant Editor Devette Johnson was in attendance. The Zombie Blood Run turned out to be an interesting and fun event for all in attendance.  For those who were less fortunate and unable to attend the inaugural Zombie Blood Run, never fear!  When last spoken to, Zombie Blood Run founder Dirk Hagen mentioned a good possibility of another event being produced in the future.

For more information on Cinema Makeup School visit www.cinemamakeup.com

For information on future Zombie Blood Run events visit www.zombiebloodrun.com

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