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by Jerry Jambazian

by Jerry Jambazian

Temple City's Kiwanis-Bulletin.01.15Jose Pulido is beginning his 3rd year as City Manager. In his tenure he has brought Temple City into the 21st century. He has served in Montebello for several years and also in San Fernando.

Mr. Pulido spoke of the many changes to our diversecommunity including infrastructure improvements. The main projects the city is currently undertaking is the 16-month Rosemead Boulevard Enhancement project with a groundbreakingdate set for January 24. After 3 years of planning and securing grants the project is finally going to commence.

Mr. Pulido reminded us that he is not interested in the status quo or maintaining. He is a builder with an Economic Development background.Also, the Council decided on December 27 to adopt plan 3 for the Las Tunas Beautification Project. The main thing will be a “traffic diet” for several blocks at the center of town. It always amazes me how rumors get started. Someone called me Tuesday and said “did you hear they are making Las Tunas 2 lanesfrom Muscatel to Baldwin?” Monica Tyre joined Steve in attendance Tuesday. Steve also shared that he saw Hal from our old meeting place Sir George’s in Las Vegas. The owners of the center tripled his rent and it has been sitting empty ever since. Dan Arrighi was recognized for the story in the recent Temple City Connect magazine as an immigrant making good in Temple City. Dan and his family has been tireless workers and benefactors. He lost the big coin toss but Temple City became the winner.

Mike Lepore and Frank Deckon reluctantly paid for being born. It was reported that John Chandler has been cancer free, but has fluid on the brain. Mike Miller and Jerry Jambazian are in the process of forming a new club at Arcadia Methodist Hospital. Mike is finally looking good after starting dialysis and Jerry is recovering from a fractured hip. We were all saddened to hear that Sister Barbara Mulvehill from Maryvale Orphanage passed away on December 12 from a heart attack while at a Chapel Service. We came to know Sister Barbara through John Chandler. I know she loved us because each week when I sent her the bulletin she would always write back. She is now safely with her Lord and Saviour.

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