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The Peterson Principle

By Tim Peterson

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I actually tried to jump on the bandwagon. I tried real hard. With all of the excitement being generated lately about the World Cup I tuned into the game Sunday between the United States and Portugal. Portugal even had a guy I had heard of in Christiano Ronaldo.
I watched for a few minutes, saw Portugal score, (it wasn’t Ronaldo), and a few minutes later I was out. I mean out as in knocked out, sawing logs, crashed. When I woke up it was a break and I switched it back to the Dodger game.
Kenley Jansen closed it out for the Dodgers so I gave soccer another shot. I started to nod off again when the U.S scored. And then with ten minutes left the Americans scored again and I’ll admit it was a pretty slick goal by Clint Dempsey. It’s not that I was really into the game but I decided to see if the U.S could hold on to the lead. They didn’t when Ronaldo made a great pass that led to a game tying goal with seconds left. And the game ended in a draw. Yeah, a draw!
That’s another thing that burns me. Why was the game over? Nobody won. How does a game in the biggest tournament in the sport (World Cup is the biggest event in soccer right?) end in a tie? Overtime? Penalty kicks? Arm wrestling? Something?
In a tournament game shouldn’t there be a winner and a loser? Can you imagine a March Madness game that ends in a draw?
I’m sure it’s a great sport. I know people across the world love it. The players are obviously extraordinary athletes. As for me I’ll be watching the Dodgers. Hey, I tried!
Speaking of the Dodgers it was a year ago Sunday that the Dodgers went on their 42-8 run. Don’t expect that to happen again but at some point shouldn’t they begin to pick it up? Did you know the Dodgers are only one of four teams this year that have not won four straight games? I don’t think you can win a division title without winning four in a row.
When Clayton Kershaw is pitching like he was last Wednesday night he’s worth every penny. The best thing about Kershaw’s no hitter? Vin Scully’s call. Scully has called 19 hitters in his storied career and as usual was perfect for Kershaw’s no no. During the no hitter he put to rest the notion that mentioning the no hitter during the game can jinx it.
“We don’t believe in superstition,” Scully said on the air. “Our job is to give information.” Well said.
Here’s a great idea to get more people to watch soccer. It would immediately make the game more interesting. Have Vinny call all of the games.

That’s my principle.

Tim can be reached at or on Twitter @tspeterson 40.

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The Peterson Principle