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First Off:
Los Angeles Kings fans don’t worry, you have the Chicago Blackhawks right where you want them.

Brave New World:
You know the world is changing when I, Joe T., get contacted by Time Warner to help clear up the “misinformation” that is out there about the current Dodger television distribution deal.

Before my ego began to pat itself on the back with self-importance, the clear thinking portion of my brain told me this is serious desperation. Think about this, we are heading into June and only thirty percent of the entire southland, which stretches up to Bakersfield, is able to see a Dodger game.

Magic Johnson should stop talking NBA, Clippers, Donald Sterling, and instead discuss with his partners about how to clean up this mess. In 2014 every inning with Vin Scully behind the microphone is precious…we are being robbed.

Good News Department:
Congrats to Baldwin Park’s Adolfo Velasquez and Susie Garcia, Arroyo’s Raymond Tan, and Temple City’s Benjamin Gray for advancing to the Division-2 CIF championship next week. Velasquez starred in the 1600 meters, Garcia the 800, Tan’s event was the long jump, while Gray excelled at the pole vault.

Does everything get better for the Los Angeles Lakers as they acquire Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Does anybody out there watch “Survivor”? Looking forward to tonight’s finale…I think Tony is a lock. Love the show.

Bad News Department:
While it is good news several of our local teams have made the baseball and softball playoffs…it is bad news if we don’t like paying four dollars a gallon for gas. The La Puente baseball team, for example, has made it to the post-season…good for them…and they get to play in Templeton, California. Do you know where Templeton is?

Templeton is 233 miles north of La Puente, about three hours and 41 minutes away. Yeah, how about that?

Is that parity or a new version of forced busing?

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Joe T.’s Scoreboard