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First Off:
If anyone wants Dodger closer Kenley Jansen off my fantasy baseball team, they can have him. My fear is going into “The Joe Show” with Ken Ferreira (Known SF Giant jerk) on Wednesday afternoon with Jansen on my roster.
Brave New World:
“I just want to be known as a football player, not the gay guy.”—Missouri’s Michael Sam at the NFL Combine.
“Sam, selected late in the seventh round, said NFL teams chickened out from drafting him, although he stopped short of saying that his draft stock dropped because he was the first openly gay prospect in NFL history.”—NBC Sports Michael David Smith
If you read the article, picked up from the Associated Press, Sam never once uses the word “chicken” or the expression “chickened out”…But the NBC reporter leads his take on the story with those words.
This is why Michael Sam dropped to the seventh round, coupled with having “tweener” size and a poor combine. This circus has just begun.
Good News Department:
It was great to be at the El Monte Athletic Hall of Fame luncheon on Saturday and to see them induct the 1985 El Monte softball team as well as the 1986 Arroyo softball team.
Local Olympians are well known, but it is good to see these teams from yesterday honored. I look forward to the future of this organization and those they will honor going forward.
Pro Football:
The worst part of the NFL Draft? It was disgusting, gratuitous, ridiculous and enough to re-consider my manic obsession with the event.
I can’t stand seeing the players and their moms interviewed on a red carpet before the draft begins. This is not the Academy Awards, it’s the NFL Draft. Half these guys are going to be busts, a smaller percentage are going to be involved in scandal, and in three years all of them, the good, the bad, and the ugly, will be yesterday’s news.
Final Word On Jansen, I believe he is suffering from Brandon League Syndrome.
Happy Birthday this week to:
5/15: Corey “The Dawg” Kwok, area stat guru, turns 26.
5/16: Former Temple City tight end Alex Gonzalez turns 23.
5/16: Mid Valley News “utility guy” Jim Saxon turns 55.
(If you have a sports birthday you’d like acknowledged drop me a line at the address below)


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Joe T.’s Scoreboard