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At some point can we just settle on a league format and leave it alone? Or at least leave it alone for…oh I don’t know…about the next ten years?
Why is it necessary to re-league every two years? And it makes you wonder how much thought goes into the decision by the powers that be when they know it will be changing and they will be doing it all over again in two years anyway?
So Charter Oak comes back into the Hacienda League and the Southeast Division, ok that’s cool. But Bonita gets shipped out? What did the Bearcats do to deserve that? Bonita hasn’t even won a CIF title. I’m speaking only in terms of football now.
Same thing with Diamond Bar. Why do the Brahmas, a team that hasn’t even made it past the second round in several years, get sent packing to the Palomares League?
The Hacienda also added Chino. Not a bad team. The Cowboys made the playoffs the last couple of years but why does it make more sense for them to be in the Southeast than Bonita or Diamond Bar?
Meanwhile Baldwin Park has been yanked from the Valle Vista and dropped into the Montview. Head coach Daniel Al-gattas said he was fine with the move and that he was fired up to play no matter what league he was in. Not surprising to hear from a first year coach but after that he did make a point. He said that initially his players were disappointed that they wouldn’t get another shot at the traditional rivals in the Valle Vista. And he’s right.
Baldwin Park has developed a rivalry with San Dimas and Northview over the past few years. Beating Covina last year was huge for the Braves after losing to the Colts for so long. All that is gone with BP being shipped out of the league.
An entire new league was launched – the Miramonte – with Edgewood being added to join La Puente, Bassett, Ganesha, Garey and Pomona. Couldn’t Edgewood simply have been added to one of the existing leagues rather than creating a whole new one?
And word is they aren’t done yet. A Division realignment could be coming at the end of April or sooner. The Rio Hondo is rumored to be moving out of the Mid-Valley Division and possibly into the Southeast Division. This is an obvious move to put Monrovia in a more competitive division but how is this fair to San Marino? Temple City? South Pasadena or La Canada? Temple City in the Southeast? Really? Does CIF realize that San Dimas, not Monrovia, won the championship last year?
We’ve been posting a lot of videos in the last couple of weeks. If you have one that you want us to post on the website feel free to send it over. Just one thing – no profanity. If there’s music, keep it clean. We can post HUDL links but let’s just say they aren’t exactly user friendly. If you have them on YouTube that would be preferred.

That’s my principle.

Tim can be reached at or on Twitter @tspeterson 40.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
The Peterson Principle