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Panthers Halt the Lions, No League Championship

Thanh Mai

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On the afternoon of Thursday, February 13, Rosemead boys’ varsity soccer played their last season ending league game against the visiting El Monte Lions. At the end of the match, the Panthers stopped their opponents from winning League championship and tied with them 2-2.
The first half of the game went off to a quick start with the Panthers. The Lions quickly went into the offense with agile steals and passes but Panthers refused to let up. The ball continuously was stolen from either team and passed back and forth with head-butts and quick passes. The Lions almost scored the first goal at the beginning, but goalie Junior Cristian Castro blocked the ball expertly and cleared it to his teammates. Then, despite their formidable opponents’ defense, Sophomore Johnathan Gonzalez received a good pass and delivered a strong kick from center circle towards the goal. To the crowds’ amazement, the ball flew over the goalie’s head and earned the first point for Rosemead. Motivated after scoring first, Panthers continued to deliver their onslaught of confusing passes and interceptions, leaving the Lions to only defend from close goal-bound kicks. In an eventful moment, Senior Enrique Galindo helped intercept a pass from the Lions and performed great offense by head-butting the ball to a nearby teammate. However the Lions, after adjusting to the Panthers’ confusing defense, eventually scored a goal of their own through a corner shot and changed the tide.
By the time the teams went into the second half, both sides were exhausted but even more frustrated.  Soon, both teams played more recklessly and quite a few times players would get injured. With the game getting even tenser, the frustrated Lions played too rough and earned a penalty after crashing into Senior Daniel Hernandez. Hernandez, gaining the opportunity for a penalty kick, skillfully tricked the Lion’s goalie and scored a goal for his team. After this though, the Panthers had to fight to defend their goal. The Lions began to take over the sides of the field and created a strong offense with a powerful infield kick. Senior Cristian Rincon managed to steal the ball back and pass it to his teammates a few times but before long, the Lions managed to regain possession of the ball and score a second goal for themselves. This left both teams at a tie with only a few minutes left of the game. With so little time, both teams fought hard to score but the game still ended 2-2.
The final score was 2-2, with both teams tied. As an ending season game, this was a tense and engaging match for all.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Panthers Halt the Lions, No League Championship