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The Peterson Principle

Tim Peterson

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The first Sunday without football since last September came and went and it felt like…well…like the first Sunday without football since September.
What did we have? Oklahoma City and the New York Knicks? Was there any doubt who would win this game? Kevin Durant dropped 41 on the Knicks in a 12 point victory- pretty much what everybody thought would happen. An NBA game in February is nearly unwatchable. Especially these days.
There’s really only five teams that can win the NBA title. In the East there’s Miami and Indiana and in the West there’s the Clippers, San Antonio and Oklahoma City. And that’s it. It’s February 10 and we already know who the champion is going to be. By the way why do the Knicks get so much attention when they’re such a mediocre team?
After that ABC subjected us to another barnburner- Lakers-Bulls. Pau Gasol posted on his Twitter feed: “I’ll be supporting our team from the bench this afternoon. Let’s get our third straight win. #Go Lakers.” Woo Hoo! Three straight wins! That’s the kind of season it’s been for the Lakers. The possibility of three consecutive wins and everybody is all excited. Of course it didn’t happen. Pau watched the Lakers lose and the joyous celebration of the winning streak was aborted.
The Lakers are done. It’s time to look towards the 2014-’15 season. But as bad as they are, with all of the injuries, etc. Mike D’Antoni is worse. All year he has had Chris Kaman in the dog house. Now with the Lakers down to eight healthy players he has been forced to play Kaman and the center responded Sunday with 27 points and 10 rebounds. Every time Kaman has gotten minutes he has responded but D’Antoni continues with Robert Sacre to back up Gasol when he is healthy.
The Lakers need a point guard and a dominant center. They also need more help off the bench. But first and foremost they need a new coach. Magic Johnson was right.
Of course if you got tired of basketball you could have switched it over to the Winter Olympics. There was figure skating, cross country skiing, ski jumping, luge and snowboarding. You know, all of those sports that you could have cared less about for the last four years since the last Olympics. It’s not that it’s that bad but at one point when I switched over the announcer was going over the top about Women’s Biathlon. The contestants would ski, stop pull out a rifle and shoot at targets and then ski some more.
As one of the women was crossing the finish line, the announcer was screaming that she had just put herself in medal contention. It’s just kind of hard to get pumped up over an event that you have never heard of. The slopestyle snowboarding where Sage Kotsenburg of the United States won the Gold medal was pretty cool. There was at least enough action to hold your attention.
After a long day of basketball, skiing and skating I just had one question? When does football start?

That’s my principle.

Tim can be reached at or on Twitter @tspeterson40

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The Peterson Principle