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The Panthers defeat the Eagles

Thanh Mai

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On Wednesday, February 6, the Rosemead girls’ varsity basketball team competed against the South El Monte Eagles in a home game hosted in the Rosemead gym. The game began badly for the Panthers but by the last quarter, the Panthers caught up to the Eagles and ultimately dominated with a score of 49-38.
The fight for victory started with the Eagles scoring the first two points at the start of the game and from that point on, they controlled the first half. Though Panthers managed to score more points, the Eagles pressed even harder on them resulting in various turnovers and missed layups. In desperation, the Panthers committed ten fouls throughout the first half and failed to take lead of the Eagles. Despite that, the Panthers fought hard and players like junior Lauren Diep would intercept the ball and help score points for the team. In a highlight for this half, junior Bridget Phu assisted Sophomore Sabrina Lu in making Rosemead’s first three-pointer shots. Senior Amy Iem also contributed with a great rebound shot in the end but ultimately, the first half ended with Eagles leading 22-17.
By the start of halftime, despite quick steals and passes, the Panthers were unable to score much. They finally earned points though when players Phu and Senior Kyana Ly were fouled and made three points in free throws. An additional three-pointer from Diep helped calm the team and they fouled much less than before. Near the end of the quarter though, Ly was badly injured after being pushed by an Eagle and was forced to take a bench, leaving her teammates with a score of 25-26 by the end of the third quarter. Perhaps motivated by their teammate and the lack of time, the Panthers rebounded and had incredible teamwork in the last quarter. Iem also helped the team regain momentum by scoring four points right at the start of fourth. Though the Eagles managed to get a point in, the Panthers made up for earlier mistakes. When sophomore Jasmine Tran failed to follow through with her swift steal, Diep regained the ball for her and scored a point which brought the score to 33-28. Worried, the Eagles committed more fouls allowing Phu and Lu to have the chance to make seven free throw shots along the way. Unstoppable by then, Panthers scored shot after shot and despite the Eagles’ last minute three pointer, the game ended with Rosemead in the lead.
By the end of the game, the final score of 49-38 left the crowd cheering for the Panthers. Coach Amanda Gendron herself happily commented that “It was a good game.”

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
The Panthers defeat the Eagles