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The Peterson Principle

By Tim Peterson

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I’ll admit I’m a little tired of all the ink that Richard Sherman is receiving but I do have one final take. If Michael Crabtree is “sorry” as Sherman yelled after the game or “mediocre” as he said later in a press conference doesn’t that just diminish Sherman’s accomplishments? Okay great Richard you just beat a sorry receiver. Congratulations.
Now if Sherman really wanted to pump himself up and inflate his ego wouldn’t he say that Crabtree was the greatest receiver he had ever seen? Wouldn’t that make him the best?
On our website this week a Norwalk fan and a La Serna fan were going back and forth over Lancer quarterback Frankie Palmer. The La Serna fan, finally at his wit’s end, wrote that Norwalk choked away an undefeated season. Earlier in the post he called Norwalk “Norchoke.” Since his entire argument was based on how great Palmer was didn’t he just kill his cause by ripping the team that Palmer beat in the championship game?
Palmer had a terrific season. That’s why we named him our MVP. But let’s praise him for that and not take away from his year by ridiculing an opponent. He and Sherman should learn that ripping the other guy only minimizes what you’ve accomplished.
Now as for the game itself. As great as a quarterback as Peyton Manning is and as a good as Sherman is you have to wonder if Manning will go right at him or avoid him at all costs. Part of me thinks that Manning, in an effort to prove that he can beat the best, will throw to Sherman’s side. Of course on the other hand doesn’t he pick on the other corner and have a field day? Should be interesting.
Note to all coaches: If you haven’t sent me your Super Bowl picks yet you still have time. I’ve received a lot of responses already but if I missed you get them to me ASAP. I’ll be posting them this week. You’ll be surprised at some of the responses. Some coaches didn’t like Seattle or Denver.
West Covina’s Sidney Jones, who verballed to Utah last week, took a trip to Washington over the weekend. Husky recruiters met with Jones at his home last week. In this day and age of non stop recruiting, a “verbal” doesn’t mean a whole lot anymore.
“Nobody really knows until they sign on the dotted line,”said West Covina HC Mike Maggiore.
Noah Reep of San Dimas is getting looks. He visited Azusa Pacific over the weekend and is traveling to Gannon University in Pennsylvania next weekend.
I didn’t hunker down for three hours and watch the Pro Bowl but did get to see most of it. It’s not perfect but it was much better than the last couple of years. It was a step in the right direction. However wouldn’t it make more sense to move it back to the week after the Super Bowl. I mean it is supposed to be an All-Star game isn’t it.

That’s my principle.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
The Peterson Principle