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It’s January and that means its time for coaching changes in high school football. Okay so where are we at now? There were two more resignations just last week. Both seemingly came out of the blue. Jason Martin stepped down at Duarte and Ryan Maddox resigned after six successful seasons at Monrovia.
Although to call Maddox’ run successful is like calling Jerry Rice a good receiver. In four of the six seasons he had the Wildcats in the CIF Championship game and he won three. In the other two seasons he made it to the semi finals. Successful? Sure. But it’s more like elite.
“What a ride!” said Monrovia assistant Mike Minter.
It’s because of that terrific ride that you begin to wonder how many titles Maddox could win over say a ten year period. Five? Six? Well unfortunately now we will never know. It’s also because of that run that we question Maddox’ reasons for stepping down. He cited things such as moving up to a position in administration and spending time with family. Both are admirable and probably with every other coach it wouldn’t be given another thought. But when you have won as much as Maddox has it makes you speculate that he might have his eye on bigger and better things in coaching.
Martin said he was indeed looking for bigger things when he announce he was stepping down at Duarte. “I have numerous colleges that are willing to give me a shot so I don’t want this window of opportunity to close,” he said.
Good for Martin. He’s still young, has had high school coaching experience and knows that he wants to make it a career. For him it was definitely time to move on.
What else? At La Canada interviews will be starting January 24 for the head coach position. James Sims is being replaced after a two year stint. Cal will also begin interviews this week to replace the departed Jim Arnold. There’s a big name in the mix.
San Gabriel is still open as well. Chris Williams resigned last month at Baldwin Park and the Braves are searching for a successor. And Greg Gano has returned to the San Gabriel Valley, taking the job at Wilson.
Any more to come? Could be. There are a couple of coaches that are still on the fence. We’re hearing they could jump soon. Of course on the other hand, they might not and then it’s not news.
The last few years, the off season has been just as interesting as the actual football season. Stay tuned.
There are a lot of coaching job openings in the NFL also but the season isn’t over. I like Denver and Seattle this weekend to advance to the Super Bowl. Seattle has too much defense for San Francisco and Denver has too much offense for New England. As for the big game itself? I’m rooting for snow.

That’s my principle.
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The Peterson Principle