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by Joe Torosian

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The NFL, with all of the other major sports in the country, tries to make a big deal about its diversity. Yet, as the NFL listed its finalists for the hall of fame this weekend two names were again missing off the list.

Former Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Flores who led the silver and black to two Super Bowl titles in 1980 and 1983 and Jim Plunkett his quarterback who led both of those teams are not in consideration for the hall of fame. Both are Hispanic, but unlike its efforts to reach out to all other groups, the NFL seems to ignore these two

Here’s a good question, if the Carolina Panthers had won on Sunday, would we be hearing about head coach Ron Rivera’s Hispanic lineage in the media or from the NFL?

When You Saw…
…Plunkett surviving New England and San Francisco in the 1970’s it was the equivalent of surviving Normandy Beach in football terms. Both teams were a nightmare.

Quote of the Weekend
“Savoring that special, once a year moment, when New Orleans season comes to an end…”—Me, on Twitter Saturday after the Seattle Seahawks defeated the New Orleans Saints in the NFL playoffs.

Prep Football
Last week we said the silly season was set to begin (massive changes in local football coaches) and sure enough it hit hard with the resignations of Ryan Maddox at Monrovia and Jason Martin at Duarte.
Expect more.

Did You Know…?
…That Gene McCallister was the first football coach at Monrovia to take them to a title game in 1935. However, that is not the “did you know”…To give you an indication of how much the country has changed in 79 years and what life was like in 1935, did you know Wildcats running back Lee McNeil, who was African-American, was described in local papers then as “Monrovia’s speedy negro ace” not only in the body of the stories but also in the headlines? His nickname was “Little Comma.”

Happy Birthday this week to:
1/16: Arcadia defensive coordinator Eric Elias turns 29.
1/16: El Monte assistant coach Miguel Zarate Jr. turns 27
1/20: Former Arcadia quarterback Travis Gowan turns 26.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.