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By Tim Peterson

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Although the entire season is taken into consideration when you look at Post Season awards sometimes one game, even one play can make a difference.

If Frankie Palmer doesn’t make the throw to Matthew Rosales to win the Southeast Championship game for La Serna he wouldn’t be in the discussion for Southeast Player of the Year. Before that it was clearly Norwalk running back Rashaad Penny’s hardware. Joseph Mayorga’s championship winning touchdown run for San Dimas may have given Bill Zernickow Coach of the Year honors.

And so it goes for Kansas City Coach Andy Reid. The Chiefs, 2-14 a year ago, turned it around to go 11-5 and advance to the playoffs. The Coach of the Year seemed like a foregone conclusion for Reid. But after blowing a 38-10 lead against Indianapolis Saturday and losing 45-44 all that talk should stop. T.Y. Hilton’s 64 yard touchdown reception from Andrew Luck in the fourth quarter sealed Kansas City’s fate. If that play never happens and the Chiefs win, Reid has a shot. But it did and the 28 point lead was erased and so was Reid’s shot at Coach of the Year. Good season? Sure. But when you blow that big of a lead in the playoffs any type of award should be blown as well. It was that big of a choke.

I sent out a tweet Sunday saying that Colin Kaepernick was an average quarterback without his legs but with him he’s close to elite. “He’s not elite. Not close,” one local high school coach told me. “Is he a top 5 athlete in the NFL? Yes. He looks at first read, then runs. That’s not a QB.”

Okay and he did throw a pick on the final drive but was given a reprieve when Green Bay’s Micah Hyde dropped the ball. I can respect that. But there’s nobody that can run like he does and that’s what separates him from a majority of quarterbacks in the NFL. He beat the Packers on Sunday by pulling it down and running. That’s what he does. His long strides and speed make him almost impossible to stop. He went to the Super Bowl last year and if he goes again and wins it he should be considered elite…or at least close.

One quarterback that won’t cause arguments about being elite is Andy Dalton. Now that was bad. I’m trying to remember the last time a quarterback nearly single handedly killed his team in the playoffs. Three consecutive turnovers (one fumble, two picks) by Dalton put the Bengals in a hole that they couldn’t get out of. Unfortunately it may also have cost Marvin Lewis his job.

Luck just threw another touchdown pass to Hilton.

Sean Payton makes all the difference in the world for the New Orleans Saints.

San Diego Super Chargers! San Diego Super Chargers! What? Have I suddenly become a Charger fan? Nah. I just like the song.

That’s my principle.
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