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The Peterson Principle

Tim Peterson

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At least the Dallas Cowboys are consistent. Three straight seasons that end in identical records of 8-8. That’s not easy to do. It would be easy to blame the loss on the Eagles or Kyle Orton, but you get the feeling the outcome would have been the same with Tony Romo at quarterback.
Orton really only made one mistake – the interception at the end. Romo is usually good for at least a couple of picks per game. No, the Eagles won because they have better players. Romo or not, they weren’t going to win.
Jason Garrett isn’t a bad guy. He’s a pretty good assistant. But as a head coach he’s been mediocre. In order to take the next step, Dallas needs to make a change.
Deion Sanders said it best on the NFL Network. “If Jerry Jones is fine with mediocrity then he should keep Jason Garrett. If not, he’s got to go.”
Yes, Aaron Rodgers makes all the difference in the world. There’s no way the Packers win that game without Rodgers at quarterback. Rodgers is the only one who could have made that play and throw to win the game. Although I still can’t figure out how the Chicago Bears’ defense let Randall Cobb get behind them. Isn’t that the Cardinal rule on fourth down when a touchdown will beat you?
The San Diego Chargers needed some divine intervention to get in the playoffs and they got it when Ryan Succup (what a name) missed a 41-yard field goal with four seconds left in regulation. The Chargers needed everything to fall their way the last three weeks, and that’s exactly what happened. Now they suddenly look like a dangerous first round opponent.
As for the Chiefs, they’re heading into the playoffs having lost five of their last seven games. Two months ago, Andy Reid looked like the Coach of the Year, but if he’s bounced in the first round?…not so much.
More divine intervention: The Chargers fumbled the ball on a fourth down fake punt attempt in overtime and Kansas City recovered. But it was ruled the running back was down and San Diego had the first down. Yeah, somebody was smiling on the Chargers.
The Denver Broncos look like the team to come out of the AFC simply because they have Peyton Manning. Sunday he became the all-time single season passing yards leader as he eclipsed Drew Brees.
The Bengals defense is solid but if Andy Dalton throws four picks again in the playoffs, they’re done.
Did the Cleveland Browns really expect Rob Chudzinski to take them to the Super Bowl in his first season?
I love the College Bowl season but before the matchups are set, the powers that be might want to look at the location of the game. Utah State and Northern Illinois aren’t bad teams but they just don’t fly in San Diego. The announced crowd at the Poinsettia Bowl last Thursday night at Qualcomm Stadium was 23,000. But it appeared to be about 15,000 in a generous estimation. I think there was a bigger crowd at Faith Community Church last Saturday night.

That’s my principle.
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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
The Peterson Principle