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By Tim Peterson

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The best quarterback in the Southeast Division?

With all due respect to Muir’s Dejon Williams, Diamond Bar’s Tyler Peterson, Crescenta Valley’s Brian Gadsby, Jorge Reyna of Downey, Santa Fe’s Christian Lara and everybody else that is mentioned, doesn’t the discussion start and end with La Serna’s Frankie Palmer?

He was the best quarterback on the best team and that alone is enough. He made every play that was required to win a championship and his stats on the field exceeded or matched up with every other candidate. Palmer was just as much a leader off the field as he was on it. His perseverance not just this year but for the past three years exceeded all expectations. Palmer is the guy. It’s really not even close.

As far best running back in the Mid-Valley? I like Kurt Scoby, but I like Joseph “The Count” Mayorga too. I also like Melquise Stovall and Fausto Martinez.

Does anybody care about the State Bowl games? They seem so anticlimactic. Nordhoff, which won the Northwest Division, lost to Corona Del Mar Saturday night and nobody gave it a second thought. Monrovia lost to Madison last year in a first round State Bowl game and although we covered it, did anybody give a rip? What was more important to M-Town fans last year? Beating Paraclete to win the Mid-Valley Division Championship or losing to Madison in the State Bowl game? If the State Bowl games were eliminated all together I don’t think it would cause a ripple- at least not in the San Gabriel Valley.

Finally made the transition to basketball this week. I don’t even think about High School basketball until the football season is officially over. Apparently nobody else thinks about it all judging by the crowd, or lack thereof, at the Arroyo Tournament this week. It’s strange watching a game and being able to hear the squeak of tennis shoes and the sound of the basketball dribbling. I mean it was so quiet you could hear every word the coaches said to the players from the bench. They didn’t need to yell. A normal “inside voice” worked just fine.

However Temple City is fun to watch. The Rams run, run, and run some more. They don’t have a lot of size but they simply try to out run you. The team that takes the most shots wins. They played the same way during the Rich Hollinger days and have continued the tradition under current coach Eric Chin. You won’t be nodding off during a 32-28 game watching the Rams play. Friday night they scored 21 points in the first quarter in a 70-64 win over South Hills.

I’ve been asking the question all week but still haven’t received a sufficient answer. Why is Mike Antoni still coaching the Lakers? A couple people told me I spelled the coach’s name wrong. But c’mon there’s no D there.

That’s my principle.

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