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“And much of Madness, and more of Sin,And Horror the soul of the plot.”  —Edgar Allan Poe


Very seldom do we a normal Christmas.
What I mean is, every show, special, TV movie, or this or that, always talks about some great Christmas miracle.
But if every program, every year, shares a tale about a special Christmas miracle then I have to ask if it is really a miracle or…just every day common place?
They bore me.
If they aren’t some sort of Santa exists (along with the North Pole workshop, elves, the winter miser, the heat miser, and Rudolph) story, then it’s a story about two lost loves finding each other again at Christmas time after being separated for years.
There’s never a mystery to the Christmas love story…they end up happily ever after (Unless it’s a Nicholas Sparks novel then one or both of the romantics will be dead at the end of 500 pages).
The kids are always going to get the presents, Santa’s always going to make his deliveries, the house will get a Christmas tree, and Mom will always get her voice back in time to sing for the church on Christmas Eve.
Then, of course, there is the going back in time story. The one where the guy or gal gets to go back and make things right…Now this one intrigues me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go back and clean up a mess.
I got to thinking…wouldn’t the Rosemead Panthers special teams unit like to go back to the fourth quarter of the CIF finals in 2008 and make the play on Paraclete’s Brandon Buteyn before he returned a punt 90-plus yards for a touchdown?
Wouldn’t the 2007 New England Patriots defense like to have another shot in the fourth quarter against the New York Giants in the Super Bowl?
Wouldn’t the Los Angeles Lakers like to have a do-over on ever acquiring a slug named Dwight Howard?
Wouldn’t the Dodgers Matt Kemp like start the 2013 baseball season all over again?
And if it was me, I would like different outcomes to the following:
1973: Cowboys 27 Rams 16
1974: Vikings 14 Rams 10
1975: Cowboys 37 Rams 7
1976: Vikings 24 Rams 13
1977: Vikings 14 Rams 7
1978: Cowboys 28 Rams 0
1979: Steelers 31 Rams 19
(Note to the Christmas Spirit: I’m not a hog, I’ll take a different outcome in just one of the seven games just mentioned.)
Everyone else is getting a miracle…how about us?
Too much?
Okay: How about 99-cent per gallon gasoline?
Make us believers!

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.