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by Joe Torosian

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“You think the whole world revolves around you and your

money Mr. Potter, well it doesn’t!”—George Bailey

I love the NFL.

Soon though football will be gone. Constitutional Clergy, Suits, and CYA in a few years will take this game far far away from where it is now. In fifteen years when a yellow flag is thrown an official will walk to midfield, flip his microphone, and say: “Personal Foul: ‘Owie’ by the defense. 15-yards, automatic first down, and a Saturday course in “Politeness” for number 57.”
I don’t want to be Nostradamus on this, but I have a hunch its going to look something like this.
The NFL is violent and steps should be taken to protect the players. Yet like almost every “do-something” situation, when something is rashly done it only worsens a situation instead of improving it.
I think high schools should do whatever needs to be done to protect the players. I also think some high schools should drop football completely if they are always scrambling to get a coach from one season to a next.
A quality football coach is not just someone who develops a game plan, a weight training program, or works with the boosters to raise money. A quality football coach teaches the fundamentals. The same fundamentals that keep players from serious injury.
Head up, eyes open, shoulders…basic stuff.
High School programs in constant flux can’t always provide that kind of coach, especially when they are reaching out to hire a walk-on.
So programs need to be dropped in some places. And, this is tough thing to write, but it should not be left solely up to the individual schools to decide if they are going to drop football or not. CIF as the governing body should have a say, and so should the other schools in the league the team in question plays in.
I believe something else at the Division I level of college football. With the amount of money being invested in scholarships it becomes professional football. You might not want to believe it, but it is.
As a player signs a letter of intent, he should also sign a form declaring that he is in sound mind and knows exactly what he is signing up for. The same should be done at the NFL level.

Hypocrisy is brutal, especially when a retired athlete says he didn’t know there would be lingering consequences. That doesn’t wash. Then when Constitutional Clergy gets involved things only become worse because everyone comes down with bad case of CYA, which activates the Suits to start cutting their losses.

…Football is in trouble. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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