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By Tim Peterson

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Monrovia may well be on its way to a fourth consecutive Mid-Valley championship but CIF isn’t rolling out the red carpet for them to get there. The Wildcats get Sierra Canyon in the first round .500 third place team like La Canada.

Also if the Cats do get past the first two rounds they could be sent out to Paraclete in the semis depending on how the coin flips. I don’t think anybody will be shedding tears for Ryan Maddox but if Monrovia wins it this year, you know they worked for it.

Meanwhile Arroyo gets BP. Not an easy matchup by any means but Arroyo could have done a lot worse. Plus the Knights are not in the same bracket as Paralcete and Monrovia. They do have to go through San Dimas though.

Let’s not sugar coat it or sweep it under the turf. Let’s just say how it really is. Crescenta Valley got scr…well the old scroochola. If an 8-2 record while playing in the Pacific Divsion doesn’t warrant a trip to the playoffs then I don’t know what does. Nothing against West Covina and Mike Magiore…historically a great team and a great coach…but the Bulldogs finished 5-5 and yet they landed the at large berth in the Southeast instead of CV.

The Falcons lost to Pacific League champion Muir by 13 points and to Burroughs by a touchdown. They beat San Marino (8-2, Rio Hondo #2) early in the season. In two of three West Covina league losses, the Bulldogs lost by 26 and 21 points. This isn’t the West Covina team that won back to back titles. In any world, at the end of the season, 5-5 should never be better than 8-2 regardless of the criteria.

Is there any way to appeal?

If there is Whittier Christian should be second in line. How does Santa Paula, who was winless in the Tri-Valley League, get in the dance? This means that every team in the Tri-Valley League is in. Meanhwile Whittier Christian, who went 6-4 and took third in the Olympic is left on the outside looking in?

One word…how?

Strength of schedule be damned. 0-4 is 0-4. And Santa Paula’s games weren’t even close. None of their league games were closer than 17 points. Nordhoff and Bishop Diego beat the Cardinals by the combined score of 96-8!

Despite the repercussions of the “Diamond Brawl” Diamond Bar snuck in. They will travel down the 605 to Downey.

Lots of good games in the Southeast – Paramount at Los Altos, El Rancho at Dominguez, Mayfair at Burbank but the best of the best? La Mirada at Muir. Are the Matadores still breathing. Does La Mirada keep it within 30?

That’s my principle.

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