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By Joe Torosian

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“Want to see something really scary?”

—Twilight Zone the Movie

Never had a bad Halloween.

That’s not to say they’ve all been la fiesta grande, but I’ve never had a bad one.

I remember being 18 and getting stuck in a car rally (do you know what a car rally is? Think scavenger hunt with a car.) with five 12 year old girls. Spent the whole night with them looking for items, places, and addresses we never found. It was brutal. Especially when I intended on driving in the car rally with another girl, one who was my age, and smoking hot.

But I never had a bad Halloween.

Never had someone chase after me with a butcher knife, never had a demon possessed killer wearing a goalie mask hunt me, never had a wimpy looking vampire attack me.

In our real world, in the light of day, the monsters mentioned above never truly scare us. At least they don’t scare me.

So what scares? What probably scares all of us?

Me. Ourselves. And who we were.

Did you see Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant blow up on the sideline in Sunday’s game against Detroit? Ranting, raving, pointing fingers, he stomped and he got in the faces of his teammates.

I’ve never had a bad Halloween, but I’ve had bad moments like Dez Bryant. Moments where I ranted and raved. I don’t have the space to mention all the details, but here is an indication.

At the age of 19 I told the referees after a church league basketball game to go to hell.

At the age of 22 I told the refs after a playoff game that they did a lousy job and when they asked what my name was I said it was “Calvin Daniels” and got thrown out for a year.

At the age of 23 l blew up at the Baptist Church we were clobbering in a softball game for quitting in the middle of the game. As one of the older gentlemen on the Baptist team was trying to calmly explain why, I lashed out at him for being a moron and other things. Turned out this guy was one of the pastors on their church staff.

I’ve never had a bad Halloween, but I’ve had bad nights. Nights that I continue to pray will never, ever, be seen again.

We’ve all had moments like these. That’s the real scary story.

Maybe Dez Bryant’s never had a bad Halloween, but he had a bad day on Sunday. It’s a day heading into the future, after children arrive, and maturity comes he’ll pray no one will ever see again.

Halloween 2030 in the Bryant Home:

“Hey Dad, did you really act like that, that day in Detroit?”

“Oh forget about that sweetie, let’s watch that slasher flick instead.”

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.