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The Peterson Principle

By Tim Peterson

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As I walked off the field at Diamond Bar High School Friday night there was sense of emptiness inside. I felt an incredible void. It was unfinished business, a sense of a task started but not completed.

You know that feeling you get when you go to a movie for two and half hours and walk out feeling like it was time wasted because the ending was so bad? Yeah. It was kind of like that.

It wasn’t that there was a bad ending – there wasn’t an ending at all. Because with three minutes and 16 seconds left in the contest between Diamond Bar and Diamond Ranch the officials, after a 25 minute delay, declared the game over. That was after a sidelines clearing brawl in which both teams rushed to midfield to engage in an altercation that started after Diamond Bar quarterback Tyler Peterson slid and was hit at about midfield after a scramble.

Diamond Ranch led 34-20 at the time and apparently will be declared the winner but even that wasn’t known at the time.

“I don’t know,” said Diamond Ranch Coach Roddy Layton after the game when I asked him if his team  won. “I just don’t know.”

So now I can’t write about Diamond Bar’s Tyler Brown rushing for two touchdowns including a 49-yarder in which he broke two tackles behind the line of scrimmage and then out ran everybody to the end zone. I had to lead with the brawl.

Now I can’t write about Diamond Ranch’s Chris Kirchgrabber (great name) grabbing a Peterson fumble and then cradling in the end zone for huge touchdown that game the Panthers a 27-20 lead in the fourth quarter. I had to focus on a meaningless brawl.

I can mention Xavier Beltran’s perfect 40-yard touchdown strike that hit Marcus Briscoe in stride but it will be just a note. The story is now is a brawl.

This was a great game. There were big defensive plays, big offensive plays, and special teams plays. There were four lead changes overall and the game was still tied at 20 early in the fourth quarter. But all anybody wanted to talk about after was the brawl.

Did you know Peterson actually threw for over 200 yards? But that wasn’t the topic of conversation. It was all about the melee.

An incident that took all of maybe 10 minutes ruined a great two hours of high school football.

This is the last time the Diamonds will play for awhile because of league realignments. It’s a shame that it had to end like this. That’s the thing. There was no ending. Just empty.

That’s my principle.

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The Peterson Principle