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By Joe Torosian

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“The worst part about prison was the Dementors…”

—Michael Scott

I’m done with football this year.

It’s not because I hate football…The fact is I still love football. I love everything about it. I love the strategy, the will, the effort, the blood, the sweat, the tears, and seeing teams struggle before working their way to victory.

What is not to like about that?

I’ll tell you…When you see the blood, the sweat, the tears, and the struggle…and your team still loses.

Arrrggh! (I sound my barbaric yawp!)

I am so tired of seeing my teams lose. It’s not about seeing teams I’ve predicted to win lose. I had Mountain View defeating Gabrielino, it didn’t happen, and life goes on.

What is bringing me down is when my teams, that are part of my soul, that I breath with, seeing them lose is killing me.

Coming into the season I had written off USC. I’m a big USC fan, but it was hopeless to get behind them as long as Lane Kiffin was the head coach. In fact I made up my mind to root for UCLA this year just to hasten Kiffin’s departure.

Of course Kiffin hastened it much more with losses to Washington State and Arizona.

That was all I needed, I was back in…and then the Trojans lost to Notre Dame. I’m sick. I’m an adult male with a wife, three daughters, and a mortgage, I have real things in life to worry about but instead I’m sick about USC losing to the Irish.

(Fighting Irish? I’m one/fifth Irish and that name offends me.)

That’s okay I’ve got the St. Louis (Los Angeles) Rams, but then again I don’t and the Rams don’t even have their starting quarterback. Sam Bradford tore his ACL late in the contest on Sunday against Carolina.

(I’m not even getting to the Dodgers)

Added misery, my fantasy football team lost by 60 points.

Every time I think I’ve left pain and struggle behind…it keeps pulling me back in.

So how much better would life be if I got involved with a sport where nothing really matters at all? Where you can watch mindless play, meaningless outcomes, and pathetic discipline?

Where? Where do you ago when you want to walk away from the pain of football to something that just doesn’t matter?

Then it came to me…the N-B-A!

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