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By Tim Peterson

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According to the “fantasy experts” you never take a quarterback with the first pick in your draft. The running backs are where the bread is buttered they say and that’s where the points will come from. So of course I listened closely to their advice and with the first pick in the Mid-Valley Perspective Draft I chose Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rogers.

I’m not going with no running back. Quarterbacks win games- especially when it comes to fantasy. Rogers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning – that’s who you have to grab. Manning, with his  blockbuster performance in the opening night win over Baltimore racked up more than 70 points in some leagues. How is Rogers working out? Well he picked up 47 points for me on Sunday and the LA Express is 2-0. Oh and Adrian Peterson? The guy that was heralded by the most fantasy leagues as the number one pick? He had nine points.

I know there was some rationale behind it, but it still makes me wonder why the Cowboys would attempt a 53 yard field goal with 3:53 left in the game down 17-13. Don’t you just go for it at that point? Kansas City ran out the clock and Dallas never had a chance to win…strange…

Speaking of elite quarterbacks, is Phillip Rivers one? He threw for 419 yards Sunday in the Chargers 33-30 win over the Eagles. He has big games, he’s a leader but at some point doesn’t he need to take that next step?

Okay, enough of the NFL stuff. Let’s get to what’s really important – high school football. If Temple City, which was outscored 99-8 in its first two games, beat Alhambra 38-7 Friday night. You got to wonder what type of struggles the Moors are going through.

It’s not panic time in San Dimas, at least not yet. But at 0-3 there is concern. The Saints have lost to three Hacienda League opponents, which is arguably the toughest league in the area, but in two of the three games San Dimas has been blown out.

Meanwhile, Northview, San Dimas’ biggest competition in the Valle Vista, is 3-0. This could be interesting.

The Montebello Oilers are not 50 points better than South El Monte. They just aren’t. Sometimes things happen, it snowballs, etc. as was the case Friday night. The Eagles do however a concern at quarterback. When Mario Burciaga is forced to play there, it takes him away from all the other things he can be doing.

And on the Montebllo side- Isaac Mendibles!

You hate to use the phrase “quarterback controversy” in high school, but with Isaia Ahhing, playing for  the injured Steven Nava, having a big night for Rosemead it will be mentioned. Paramo put it to rest for now after Thursday night’s win over South Torrance.

No there’s no controversy, Nava’s the guy. Isaia was great tonight and it’s nice to have two quarterbacks but Nava is the guy.”

Stay tuned…

That’s my principle.

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