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By Joe Torosian

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“And I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.”
—The First Edition

The only person in need of a win more than USC head coach Lane Kiffin this week was probably President Obama.

However, good or bad, the President will stay the President…The USC head coach, might be a different story.

Safe to say if the Trojans had lost to Boston College on Saturday, Kiffin would have needed the President’s Secret Service detail to get out of the Coliseum. Forget about keeping the job, Kiffin’s blood was on the line.

Leaving the Coliseum the previous Saturday night (following the loss to Washington State), with fellow El Monte alum Rich Whittington, I never heard so many different people focused on one, singular, topic; the firing of Lane Kiffin.

I understand it is the right of any fan who pays seven dollars for a hot dog to complain. No problem there…and I don’t have a problem. Only continual amazement about what gets our blood to boil and brings us together.

Just in case you may have forgotten the bulk of us have spent our entire lives with nuclear missiles pointed at us. We live in a world where the problem with food is not that there isn’t enough, but that human failing causes starvation. We’ve seen pictures of chemical weapons.

People are out of work, or scared of losing their job…Gas prices are climbing and milk costs more than ever…

Yet we comply and go merrily along…but let our favorite college team lose and we lose it. Let our local football team lose…and we go beserk.

El Monte football, spectacular in 2012, started this campaign 0-2 before defeating Bassett last Friday night. If you, per chance, read or heard some of the things people started saying about them on the message board you would have thought that they hadn’t won a game since 1994.

It happens at El Monte, it happens at Arroyo…It’s happening to the Angels…It will happen again to the Dodgers.

All I’m seeking, as I advance in my old age, is perspective…Even with all the life and death stuff looking us in the face…Even with our local teams struggling…We have to be grateful for what we do have.

A little soap boxey but it works…At my church when people are having a bad day I remind them that the Tomb Empty…We have hope.

In regards to our every day life…I’m reminded of a quote I heard from one of the Hangover movies….

One of the characters says that they were having a bad day to Ken Jeong’s character.

Jeong answers back with high philosophy. He says: “But did you die?” (The other character offers a “but…”)…Jeong says again; “But did you die?”

Other things will kill us, but it won’t be sports…Sports won’t kill us, not even Lane Kiffin’s play calling. So enjoy the pizza, smell the roses…and thank God that your hope isn’t fated or determined by the next prima donna dancing in the end zone.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.