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The Peterson Principle

By Tim Peterson

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It’s finally here. The 2013 football season kicks off this week with games Thursday and Friday night. And it kicks off with a bang.

Take a look at some of these games: Thursday night: Bonita vs. San Dimas in the Smudgepot. Friday night: Arcadia at Alhambra, Los Altos at Arroyo, El Monte at Baldwin Park, La Mirada at Tesoro, Montebello at Diamond Bar, and if you feel like taking a trip to the Antelope Valley, Serrano battles Paraclete at Antelope Valley College.

The season is starting just in time. I don’t think I can take much more news about transfers, approvals, denials and eligibility rules.

Jake Payton suiting up for Bonita just makes that game all the more interesting. But there’s still plenty of things I don’t understand. Okay, let me get this straight. Payton transferring to Upland was athletically motivated but transferring to Bonita is not? He’s eligible to play at Bonita because of a rule stating that he has a parent working within the district? Doesn’t that just open all other sorts of cans of worms? What if Noodles Hull’s dad can produce something stating that he works in the district? Can Noodles then play? And even if Payton does have a parent that works in the district isn’t the transfer still athletically motivated?

I don’t get it but I’m happy about it. The bottom line is Jake Payton on a football field in his senior year is a whole lot better than him sitting on the couch on Friday nights wondering what might have been.

I saw San Dimas Friday night. Payton is a good back, maybe great, but the Saints won’t miss a beat. All it means is that there will be more carries for Fausto Martinez, Manny Elizalde, Joseph Mayorga and Reece Alvarado.

Everything seems to be in the cards for Downey to have another big year. The Vikings held their own last Thursday night against a solid Orange Lutheran team. Several key players are back including Jorge Reyna, Tristian Esparza and Ricky Wong. Oh yeah and there is Justin Huff (2364 yards and 24 touchdowns last year). Huff didn’t play against Orange Lu but he’ll be ready to go in the opener against Mayfair.

“We just don’t want to reveal our secret weapon too early,” Reyna said. Unfortunately Jorge I don’t think Huff is a secret to anybody.

Arroyo-Los Altos is one of the most interesting games on the Zero Week docket. Of course we thought that last year as well and Los Altos popped the Knights 33-6. So what happens? The Conquerors fail to make the playoffs while Arroyo advances to the second round. An improved Los Altos is now a favorite in the Hacienda as is Arroyo in the MVL. So again, yes it’s intriguing.

Does Kurt Scoby have a parent working in the MUSD? Just a thought.

That’s my principle.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
The Peterson Principle