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Mid Valley Area Football Preview 2013

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Arcadia Apaches

HC: Andrew Policky/ 2012 Record: 4-7

Yes, there was a playoff appearance last season but it was an awkward looking mercy killing out at La Mirada. This is a bubble team in the Pacific. There’s some nice players, there’s some talent, but depth is lacking. Nice coaching staff though.

Prediction: 5-5

Alhambra Moors

HC: Eric Bergstrom/2012 Record: 4-6

For all the drama that took place a year ago in A-Town the 4-6 record was tremendous. Now another rotation of coaches has taken place, transfers have followed. They might be getting on the right track, but they are just starting.

Prediction: 2-8

Arroyo Knights

HC Jim Singiser/2012 Record: 7-5

The Knights were one fourth and long stop away from advancing to the Mid-Valley Division semi-finals. They got their starting quarterback back, and some bruisers in the trenches. A definite threat to win the MVL

Prediction: 6-6

Baldwin Park Braves

HC: Chris Williams/2012 Record: 0-10

If something could go wrong last year for BP it did. Everything as a team with playoff talent was beset with injuries. Michael Mora is back for his third year at QB and he’s got talent in J.D. Harvey.

Prediction: 5-5

Bosco Tech Tigers

HC: Chris Shockley/ 2012 Record: 1-8

There is always room for improvement in the Del Rey League. The problem for the Tigers is while they compete, so often they just don’t have enough. With a few breaks it could go better in 2013.

Prediction: 3-7

Duarte Falcons

HC: Jason Martin/ 2012 Record: 5-5

These guys have the ability to make serious noise in the Montview. They can even get a playoff win, but it’s culture. Duarte football has always been a stormy sea, seems we’re always waiting for another wave to crash down. If they can get past that, they can get past anything.

Prediction: 6-6

El Monte Lions

HC Joel Sanchez/ 2012 Record: 8-4

Last season was one for the ages for the Lions, but its over and the stars that were on center stage are gone. There’s been a culture change at El Monte, but they will have to grind the first half of the season to see light at the back end. Playoffs? Possible, yes. Time will tell.

Prediction: 5-5

Gabrielino Eagles

HC: Harold Sanin/2012 Record: 7-3

Chip on the shoulder, and rightly so. These guys had a 7-3 record and missed the playoffs. They return bad dudes on defense, a talented quarterback and a top receiver. There is an attitude here that will translate on the field.

Prediction: 6-5

Monrovia Wildcats

HC: Ryan Maddox/ 2012 Record: 12-3

Anything less than a fourth consecutive CIF title will be a failure. Simple. They’ve got the weapons in the backfield, but they’ve also got the bad dudes along the offensive line. If you can find an argument against this team, let us know.

Prediction: 12-2 (No prediction about State playoffs, that’s out of everyone’s hands)

Mountain View Vikings

HC: Victor Ambruso/2012 Record: 3-7

These guys are on the right track. The problem for the Vikings is they come to play some of their best football while the MVL has been on the rise across the board. Still there is room. First and second? No. Third? Absolutely.

Prediction: 4-6

La Puente Warriors

HC Scott Morrison/2012 Record: 8-3

LP’s window was open last year, this year with new faces, and a new coach it might a grind for them to get back on top in their last year of Montview play. Still they might be able to squeak out a playoff appearances if things fall into place.

Prediction: 5-6

Rosemead Panthers

HC: Marc Paramo/ 2012 4-6

The Panthers have been estranged from the playoffs for a couple of years now. They practice and talk the game, but the old swagger needs to be translated onto the field. They’ve been stung by transfers, but 2013 is still in their hands.

Prediction: 5-5

San Gabriel Matadors

HC: Govinda Covin/2012 Record: 3-7

It doesn’t look good for the Matadors. Departures, transfers, illness, are all conspiring against them in 2013. Maybe they’ll rally, but even that might be enough to prevent a long season.

Prediction: 1-9

Sierra Vista Dons

HC: Don LeGro/2012 Record: 7-4

These guys are players in the Montview League, and they return in Lee Evans one of the Northwest Divisions top running backs. They got nice size on the line and always find a way to shorten a game.

Prediction: 8-3

South El Monte Eagles

HC: Ibis Aguilar/ 2012 Record: 7-5

This team has parts to replace. They gotta find a quarterback to complement the skill players that they do have. The good news is, is that this program is established. Aguilar and Reynoso have brought stability. As long as they are in the MVL, they are alway a playoff threat.

Prediction: 6-6

Temple City Rams

HC: Mike Mcfarland/2012 Record: 5-6

This team made the playoffs a year ago, they are well coached, and they got a pair of running backs. What they would really use are some SUV sized linemen. Look for the Rams start slow, pick up steam, and make the playoffs again.

Prediction: 5-6

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Mid Valley Area Football Preview 2013