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By Joe Torosian

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“Been a long time coming here to meet you, a long road, down a crooked path.”—Joe Banks

After seeing the Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA on Sunday night, I’ve gone three days without eating.

I won’t say her performance was a shock to the system. A shock is something unexpected, unprepared for, and most likely something not comprehended as possible.

Of course her performance was possible, but it wasn’t shock. It was gross, stomach turning, but not a shock.

I’ll hand it to Miley on this level, she made for a nice lead in to the football season.

Arroyo will not be battling for the sixth spot in the Mission Valley League. They could land anyplace between first and second, but either finish wouldn’t be a shock.

Temple City finishing any place between second and fourth in the Rio Hondo League will not be a shock. Baldwin Park going 4-6, Rio Hondo Prep going 8-2, Bosco Tech going 1-9, none of these will be shocks.

San Gabriel and Alhambra combining for three wins won’t be a shock.

A player not making grades, a player transferring mid season, none of these things are a shock anymore.

Monrovia winning a fourth consecutive title…ho hum.

The refs getting a call right at the unexpected moment, or getting a call wrong at the moment it seems most clear…none of this will be shock.

So what will be a shock?

On the surface its hard pressed after watching the STD inspiring Cyrus performance at the VMA on Sunday, to affirmation and applause, that anything could shock this culture ever again.

Below the surface there is something…and unfortunately it only happens in the micro instead of the macro…its called class.

I’m not talking about going to class, I’m talking about exhibiting class.

Unfortunately it’s hard to teach class, because someone will accuse you of peddling religion and morality. Class is mocked. Class is old school. Class is for the unhip, the uncool, and out of the mainstream.

But when you see class…it will shock you.

A wide receiver not building himself. A linebacker making a tackle and not pounding his chest. An appropriate word instead of an ego enhancing string of praises for oneself.

I would love to be shocked like that in 2013.

Wouldn’t we all?

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.