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The Peterson Principle

By Tim Peterson

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If you get a chance check out “Walter Payton: A Football Life.” Just saw it on the NFL Channel. It’s very well done and gives you a very realistic look into the superstar’s life. It’s good because it’s not all pie in the sky. It does a good job of portraying Payton’s struggles as well as his successes.

The NFL Channel…how did I live without it?

We are breaking down three leagues every week on Tuesday nights on the Mid Valley Sports Show. This week one of the three is the Alpha and I don’t see anybody beating Paraclete. The Spirits have nearly everybody returning and the players that did leave are being spelled by more than adequate replacements. Triston Brown, Franky Ramirez, Christian Ruiz…all back. Did you know that Ruiz had over 100 total tackles last year? Hv you seen the size of Mason Van Kirk?

I was getting daily reports from Monrovia’s camp last week. One read “If Kurt Scoby is eligible four straight is a guarantee” While that may be true if you had to pick one team…just one…that could bring down the Wildcats it is the Clete. Have you seen the look in Coach Norm Dahlia’s eye?

I guess you could say that Downey will also own the San Gabriel Valley League. But people forget the Vikings did lose a league agme last year…to Paramount 21-17 on October 19.

Oh and one more thing regarding the road down the 14. Chad Hall!

Kevin Gilbride is still coaching? I’m watching the Giants-Colts exhibition game and saw him on the sidelines as the Giants’ OC. Doesn’t it seem like 100 years ago that Buddy Ryan, then the Houston Olier DC, punched Gilbride, who was the team’s OC? Actually it was 1994.

The Smudgepot is just 10 days away.

Just one comment on the San Dimas/ Jake Payton drama. There was a rumor that Payton might be return to the Saints. That would be fine by me. I don’t care if he played at Upland, San Dimas, or Keppel. I just hate to see the kid miss his entire senior year.

Have I mentioned that I’m high on Los Altos?

The Dodgers lost to the Phillies? What’s up with that?

Should Arte Moreno even wait until the end of the year to can Mike Scioscia? He should pink slip Jerry DiPoto also.

Here’s a quote from a shortstop at Granada Hills High in 2002. “I think everyone should be putting an asterisk next to the recent records because of steroids. Something needs to be done.”

The shortstop’s name? Ryan Braun.

That’s my principle.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
The Peterson Principle