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By Joe Torosian

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Did anybody check out Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?

They had me until they started preaching about how difficult life is for those poor old sharks?

Last I saw, none of those sharks had to sit in traffic on the 605. They don’t have to pay California tax rates. By laying off the seals we create a Hometown Buffet experience for them.

…And I got to feel sorry for the beast that is looking to take a chunk out of me?

I don’t think so.

In this case I might embrace Darwin. To paraphrase, if you ain’t good enough, you lose.

Which is the perfect lead in to a new football season.

How do you feel about blowouts and routs? When one team hammers another? And another team just rolls over and says; “Thank you sir may I have another?”

While we all want to see a good game, I can feel for a team getting its butt kicked as long as they keep playing and stop making excuses.

A bad call by a ref in a tight game can make a difference, but in a 49-0 loss to Monrovia there is a little bit more involved than just a bad call by the Back Judge.

I saw a blowout, a long time ago, where one team stopped passing because they have a five touchdown lead in the fourth quarter. Nice right? I thought so, except the team that couldn’t stop the pass couldn’t stop the run either…So the winning team, by running the ball, was accused of running up the score.

Note to Fans/Coaches/Players…And Fans Mostly: If your team gets blown out, stop blaming the other school. If you are a coach or player do something about it. If you are fan, probably best to keep your yap shut and/or just support your team. They feel bad enough as it is.

This is football not badminton. This is a game that requires a year’s preparation to play. It requires helmets and pads. It’s not a game for the soft, it exacts a toll, and can be cruel as well as painful. Whining does not become anything to do with football.

I coached a lot of bad basketball teams in my youth and generally when we got our tails kicked it was because of a lack of commitment by my team. At which point, when we were down by thirty on the road, I would tell the opposing coach to keep pressing and using all of his timeouts.

I wanted my team to be miserable, I wanted them to experience in a game what the world was really like.

Unless you’re a shark, this world will not let you up and it will keep beating you. You have to make a decision to get up and do something about what’s keeping you down. Stop expecting someone else to swim to your rescue, rescue yourself.

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