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By Joe Torosian

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“It’s fourth and fifteen and you’re looking at a full-court press.”— Lt. Frank Drebin

There are a lot of things that are powerful in sports.

The underdog coming back to win a game it had no business being in at all. That’s powerful stuff.

The champion fighting off challenge after challenge to stay on top a year later.

Perfection in performance is amazing. I never hated the 49ers the way I hated the Cowboys or the Vikings back in the day. I never hated them the way I hate the Saints now, but I sure didn’t root for them.

Yet every time I watched the 49ers play with Joe Montana at quarterback I always thought I was watching the greatest of artists at work. When he dismantled teams (including my Rams) you couldn’t help but watch in awe.

Steve Young was a great quarterback, but he just never came across to me as something beyond the capacity of somebody that worked hard. You could work hard and become Steve Young…but you had to be born, divinely imbued, to be Joe Montana.

This is why Magic Johnson is still greater than anything you see in the NBA today. This is why he was greater than Michael Jordan. Cut Jordan open and you find a human heart. Cut Johnson open and you find a heart shaped like a basketball. Only ignorance compares a very good Lebron James to Magic Johnson.

I haven’t spoked about former Rosemead standout Joe Silva in years, but the three consecutive plays he made against El Monte in the Lions centennial game back in 2001 is something I never forgot. EM was inside the Panthers ten, trailing 12-7, when Silva made three straight defensive plays to help secure the win. Goosebumps.

In 1973 Harold Jackson grabbed four John Hadl passes for touchdowns in the Rams 37-31 win over the Cowboys…It still gives me chills.

Sports is great, but perhaps the most powerful is gratitude. This is why I watch the NFL Hall of Fame induction speeches faithfully. I love hearing gratitude.

When Cris Carter said in his induction speech how sorry he was to the Ohio State fans for signing with a sports agent and missing his senior year I was amazed. It was his big day, it was his big moment, no one was demanding this, but Carter’s apology was tremendous….and one of the greatest things I’ve ever, ever, seen in sports.


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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.