Mid Valley News End of Summer Football Top 10

August 2, 2013 • 310 views

This is not meant to be the top ten for December, November, or even at the end of August, but for right now. Who had a good summer, who looks on track, who could/might/should make some noise.

1. Monrovia: Three time champs come on.

2. Arroyo: Tim Peterson spent so much time at Bergstrom this summer they issued him a jersey.

3. Duarte: The guys like the Falcons.

4. La Puente: Peterson likes the Warriors.

5. Temple City: They ain’t gonna beat M-Town, but they are building.

6. Arcadia: Say what? We say yes!

7. Rio Hondo Prep: Really? You think we’re going to leave out RHP?

8. Gabrielino: Ssshh! The Eagles are about to soar.

9. Baldwin Park: Every moment of spring/summer better than it was last fall.

10. Rosemead: Stung by transfers, ready to make others pay.



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