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By Joe Torosian

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“Nothing going to save you from a love that’s blind slips to the dark side and cross that line…”—John Cafferty

Nothing like the Dodgers playing great baseball…Nothing like seeing the Dodgers playing good baseball…Nothing like seeing magic happen…Nothing like listening to Vin Scully…Nothing like baseball in blue

Nothing like Yasiel Puig…

Dodger fan?

Yeah, I’ve been a Dodger fan since September 1973 when I saw Willie Davis bat against the Giants.

Followed them all of 1974 and was hacked tremendously when the A’s beat them in the World Series. I remember Willie Crawford homered in that series, and then I saw perhaps the most underrated play in World Series history.

In game two with Sal Bando on third base and one out, a fly ball is hit to centerfield…Watching it on TV we see Jimmy Wynn standing under the ball waiting for it to come down…Then from out of right field comes Joe Ferguson, who cuts in front of Wynn and makes the catch…Then in one motion fires a strike to Steve Yeager at the plate to nail Bando as he tried to tag up…Awesome play, perhaps the greatest play that no one ever talks about.

If there was ever a gift for the eyes of Dodger fans it was Manny Mota coming into the on deck circle and then being announced as a pinch hitter. I don’t know if there was ever a time Mota failed to deliver.

He retired after the 1979 season, but late in 1980 they activated him and he provided a clutch in the three game sweep of the Astros the final weekend of the season. That weekend with a Ferguson homer in extra innings on Friday, a Jerry Reuss gem on Saturday, and Don Sutton coming out of the bullpen on Sunday secured a one game playoff on Monday.

Dave Goltz started that playoff game…and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

All things Fernando.

In 1983 we met Jack Fimple, Tommy Lasorda had a meltdown in Cincinnati, and R.J. Reynolds put down “The squeeze!..And here comes Guerrero to score!”

Did you see Pedro Guerrero in June of 1985?

…And of course there was the year that the impossible happened.

Nothing like being a Dodger fan, nothing like being a Dodger fan when they’re winning…Nothing like NOT being an Angels fan.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.