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Joe Torosian

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The tangent dreams of buffalo, they pursue the hope that is in you and I.”—Graham Dorsey

The El Monte Lions theme for this football season is leads by example… I think it’s great.
If anyone, is in any position of attention, doesn’t make any difference if they are a minister, an athlete, politician, or parent, or even playing on their high school team…They have to know, they have to be reminded, and more importantly they have to be expected to be a role model.
Parents are the first and primary role model, I know I don’t want my kids looking any place else for a role model, but few of us will ever realize how big an impact even the smallest of things we do have on the impressionable.
This works in all aspects of life.
In my early years as a preacher there was an old man named Dalton. He may have been 5’7” at one time in his life, he may even have weighed as much as 130 pounds at some point. He was 80 when I met him, wore a cool looking fedora, and drove a short bed yellow Ranchero. For being in his eighth decade on the planet he was pretty cool.
He listened to the radio, went through the Depression, saw World War II and the Korean War…He saw television come into being, presidents shot, culture change, and felt the pain of people around him passing away.
Dalton used to sit on the left hand side of my sanctuary and as I would struggle to make it through my messages he always gave me the slightest of nods and smile. He never testified in front of anyone that I was a great preacher. He only gave me that slight smile and confirming nod.
He was in my church for about a year before he moved with his wife up the coast and only recently passed away in his mid-90’s. I never got the chance to tell him how important and affirming his smile and nod was. It kept me on track.
The smallest of details, the smallest of actions…keeping our mouth shut, walking away, and doing acts of service for others no one but you and Lord will ever be aware of. We have so much power, so much strength in our ability to turn a life, to change a life, to bless a life.
We should always remember that we always make an impact.
Hopefully for the good.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.