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By Joe Torosian

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“Hooper drives the boat Chief…”

— Quint

 With St. Louis shooting down upgrades to the Edward Jones Dome and the Rams able to break their lease after the 2014 season, then the only thing that will keep the Rams from returning to Los Angeles, and the state of California is the City of Los Angeles and the state of California.

Who was the guy that was saying the Dodgers should release Juan Uribe?

So Dwight Howard didn’t like it in Los Angeles…It was too hard, none too promising, Kobe was none too nice…As someone who used to like Dwight Howard I’ve come to understand something about him now that I’ve seen him up close…He just ain’t no good.

…And he’s only an average basketball player.

Next Add Dodgers: Whatever happened to Drew Gordon?

Next Add Rams: I would love to spend the last half of my life seeing the Rams play right here…but then again why would anyone want to come here to run a business?

A lot of football going on this Saturday…a lot.

Last Add Dwight Howard: Things can happen and you can have have a child young and out of wedlock…I understand that…But if you have one child and leave them for someone else to raise, then you are a bad person. If you have three children and leave them for someone else to raise you are a really bad person. If you have eight children, reportedly by eight different women and all you give them is money…You have some serious reconciling you need to do before the Lord because your soul is sick and in serious danger.

Pardon me if I’m not excited about the MLB All-Star game…There was a time that I was, but a combination of lack of interest by the players, a fat pitch from Atlee Hammaker to Fred Lynn, and a game that ended in a tie have combined to make it a serious drag.

Last Add All-Star Game: As far as I’m concerned its a few extra days off for Jake Peavy to get healthy, off the disabled list, and back in my fantasy pitching rotation.

Really Last Add All Star Game: It is not a night to invite your friends over, order a pizza, and hang out…Unless you want to invite me over to eat your pizza…I’ll hang out then.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.