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Joe Torosian

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“Well holy moly me oh my; You’re the apple of my eye; Girl I’ve never loved one like you.”—Edward Sharpe

The NBA has a problem…It’s called the NBA Draft.
Talk about a yawning festival…Even in basketball crazy Indiana, no one cared about he NBA Draft…
If someone wanted to hear my advice, take my advice, and actually implement my advice it would be this: If you are going to make another “Superman” movie, contract Yasiel Puig.
Love the National League West…Because only in the National League West can you be five games under .500 and only four games out of first place.
Next Add Dodgers: It’s great to look at the Dodger bench and see a player with a bat like Scott Van Slyke there waiting to take his cuts. Hallelujah! Luis Cruz and Justin Sellers are playing in a cornfield somewhere.
If you have to hit a Triple A Stadium any time soon, “Victory Field” in Indianapolis is gorgeous. After watching Rochester take down Indianapolis last Wednesday, I understood why I don’t see many minor league games.
The reason I don’t see too many minor league games is because we are surrounded by Singla A teams,..not entertaining. Triple A on the other hand was a pleasure.
Rob Bell is a reaaal Munson…
Remember when Jeff Francoeur was something special?
Dwight Howard needs the Los Angeles Lakers more than the Los Angeles Lakers need Dwight Howard…It might be rough for a season or two, but they will go on. Howard on the other hand, is one decision away from becoming just another guy.
Interesting Yahoo article lists 27 NFL players as being arrested since the Super Bowl…
Last Add Dodgers: Who gave Brandon League that big contract?
Have you noticed that Arroyo football is having a heck of a spring and summer?
It will be interesting to see what Keppel does this football season.
The Los Angeles Angels are only four games under .500 but nine games out of first place in the American League West.
Do you realize the life you live here in the United States is possible because of an event that took place 150 years ago today? The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia thought it could break the Union lines in the center on the third day of fighting at Gettysburg. So Robert E. Lee sent the heart of his army (13 to 15 thousand men) charging out of the woods toward a victory he thought would end the war.
They made it to the wall, but the Union lines held…and the South never again was on the offensive.
Think about that…I don’t believe in accidents.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.