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The Peterson Principle

Tim Peterson

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Okay, LeBron James is great, the Miami Heat proved they are the best team in basketball, and its time for the “big three” in San Antonio to be broken up. Now, is it football season yet?
Well it is but just a couple more notes on hoops and then it’s definitely time to move on. The Clippers landing Doc Rivers is a great move. I didn’t like the move of showing Vinny Del Negro the door but landing Rivers makes it all worth while. Rivers is a guy that has experience and consistently gets the most out of his players. Right now he’s the best coach available. And all they had to give up was a first round pick in 2015? Genius.
Everybody knows this was as much a Chris Paul’s move as it was Donald Sterling’s or anybody else’s in the Clippers front office. Who cares? It’s a solid move. Besides landing a quality coach they also showed they are willing to do what it takes to win. Did you ever think Sterling would pay $7 million a year for a coach? But it’s the necessary thing to do right now and the Clips did it. Plus they just secured Paul for at least another five years. Bravo!
Oh and one more thing on the NBA Finals. Can we please stop with the notion that the NBA fixed the series to go seven games? After the Heat wrapped it up in seven somebody sent me a message stating just that – that the NBA wanted more revenue and somehow fixed Game Six for Miami to win. What? Do you know how many variables would have to be in place for that to happen? From officials to players to coaches – everybody would have to be involved. Also even if you somehow believed that how would you explain that this is only the fifth time in the last 25 years that the Finals have gone seven games? Sorry folks, no conspiracy here.
Tim Tebow waiting so long to get inked by a team? Now that might be a conspiracy.
Talking Tebow leads to talking about the New England Patriots, which of course leads you to start talking about Aaron Hernandez.
Everyone knew Hernandez was trouble when he was at Florida. Everyone knew the reason he dropped in the draft was because of the life he was living. Give him credit he was able to keep his nose clean for a couple of seasons, thanks to the Patriots, but now it looks like the big house for him.
Or as Barker and Torosian like to often say when someone is kissing the baby goodbye; “Tratamiento casa grande, para Hernandez.”
So Hernandez is a bum, the NFL has been full of countless bums over the years, there are still a number of bums in the NFL. You may say I’m being judgmental, and you would be right. Tell me when are we going to stop holding individuals who have 11 children by ten different women, before they reach the age of 29 accountable?
You’re not confused, you’re not misunderstood, you’re not deprived, at worst you are depraved and at best you are selfish on a galactic scale.
And selfishness on a galactic scale equals “bum”

That’s my principle.
Tim can be reached at
peterson principal

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The Peterson Principle