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Joe Torosian

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” We have an old saying in Delta;  Don’t get mad, get even.”—Otterfanview

If you have not seen or been to Richland, Michigan…Then, well, you haven’t seen or been to Richland, Michigan…I guess you wouldn’t go to Richland, Michigan for the food or scenic beaches.
…But you might go there if you had a brother…which I do…that lives there. Otherwise, I never would have seen it, and thus never would be writing about it, and you may never have heard of it to till now.
Beautiful. Forrest, meadow, fireflies, and for the most part zero humidity.
Zero humidity is a big deal for me. In my former days when my hair was longer dreaded humidity could destroy all your social plans in a heart beat. A lather of water forms over your skin, and your hair, your hair turns into some disgusting wet, limpy, curly mass.
I have a love for North Carolina and Virginia, but in this region, west/central Michigan no humidity.
There are some drawbacks…No sushi, no crab,clam, or mussel places. Pizza and steaks.
Indiana actually has more places to eat…Actually Indiana is very different. Both places are flat, but Michigan as forrest, Indiana just has flat and a lot of state police patrolling around in black uniforms.
This is the tease of Indiana. You land at the airport in Indianapolis, which has a great airport. You get your rent a car from some really friendly people. You come out of the terminal on Friday morning and get on the freeway with almost zero traffic and four wide lanes.
We’re driving a Sonata, which isn’t exactly a Chrysler 300, but still a pretty good car and your instinct is to crush the pedal. It’s like they are begging you to do it.
After all this is the home of the Indianapolis 500…This is the place where A.J.Foyt, Bobby Unser, and Johnny Rutherford all made their bones.
Driving and cars is such a big deal in Indiana that even its basketball team is called the Pacers.
So I floor it…the Sonata quickly reaches 70…I’m thinking of pushing it to 75…Right? Who doesn’t go five to ten miles an hour faster, at the minimum, on the open road?
We take this long curving bend, and I’m loving Indiana. More open road, wide lanes, almost zero traffic…
…Then I see my first sign: “Ticket for Speeding: Maximum Fine; $1,000”
Alright, I think I better be cool…I bring it down to 70…Then I see my second sign…Remember this is Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Indy 500…The second sign says: “Speed Limit 50”
I zoom past it and way off in the distance I see three motorcycle cops leaning against the center divider, parked, and looking my way. One has his radar gun out…No doubt with orders to shoot to kill…I gulp, slam the breaks, believing that once he sees my California Drivers License he’s going to give me the “Midnight Express” treatment.
It’s happened before (if driving out of Amarillo Texas where the speed limit is 70 and you want to drive 85 like everybody else be sure you do it with a Texas license plate and not a California one. “No do, no do William Hayes…”
I zoom past the cops at the wicked rate of 55 miles per hour…and they don’t budge…I look in the rearview mirror and they aren’t moving…I study the road ahead of me thinking they got a raptor squad car ready to pounce on me with a ticket…but they don’t.
Come to find out the Indiana State Police…for the most part want to be seen but not dealt with. Their positioning themselves out in the open is to make their presence known and hopefully felt by the people driving their roads. They don’t view their job as one to make money for the state.
Gotta go…and I’m only going 50mph…but it seems to be okay to drive while talking on your phone in northern Indiana.

Talk about that next time.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.