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The Peterson Principle

By Tim Peterson

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There is some intrigue to the NBA Finals. Can LeBron James carry the Heat to another title? Does Miami’s “Big Three” get broken up if the Heat fall short? Do Tim Duncan and Tony Parker have enough left in the tank for San Antonio. How will Parker’s injury effect the Spurs chances?

But honestly all this series has brought me is plenty of Z’s. Indiana would have been interesting. Maybe Oklahoma City. Possibly the Clippers just for dark horse sake. But really there’s just no interest here. The other night I found myself watching “The First 48” while the game was on ABC. If San Antonio wins, okay then Miami was overrated. If Miami wins well then…Miami is overrated.

Please, I don’t want to hear about Miami being mentioned as one of the all-time great NBA teams. Those Laker teams of the eighties with Magic Johnson would have swept them. Heck even the Larry Bird led Celtics would have ran over these guys. Let’s just get it over with. When’s the NFL Hall of Fame Game.

We haven’t exactly had blanket coverage of girls softball this year – A La Salle story here, a TC story there. And I wasn’t planning on going to see the Public-Private All-Star game until somebody put a bug in my ear. But after some prodding I went out to Live Oak Park last Wednesday night to check it out. Have you seen San Marino’s Michelle Floyd fire a softball? I’ve read the press clippings on her and was aware of what she was doing but seeing her live is something completely different.

She fanned five of the six batters she faced in the first two innings and belted a two run home run at the plate. The batters were intimidated as soon as they climbed in the box and who wouldn’t be? Floyd stands 6-1 and by the time she releases the ball she’s right on top of you. Her fastball would be hard to hit with a broom. You can hear it but it’s hard to see. How dominating? Think Randy Johnson in his prime. The University of Arizona is getting a good one.

It’s always tough to replace a three year starter at quarterback but that’s what first year La Puente HC Scott Morrison is trying to do. Jacob Tovar is getting most of the snaps so far and looks to be the guy. Wednesday at Arroyo Tovar was on target on most of his throws.

“He’s a senior so we’ll see,” Morrison said.

The Montview could be one of most interesting leagues in the Northwest. Azusa is looking to bounce back after missing the playoffs last year. Gladstone lost a lot including their head coach Albert Sanchez. Jason Martin is putting Duarte back on the map and LP is also adjusting to a new coach in Morrison. Sierra Vista has running back Lee Jones returning but Don LeGro has stepped down as HC. And of course Bassett is the wild card.

The Aztecs have most of their skill position players back including quarterback Jose Ledesma, running back Cameron Blackburn and wide receiver Carlos Montiel. They should be the early favorites.

There’s a world of difference in the June 2013 version of Arroyo’s Nathan Coto and the June 2012 version. The confidence is there and he appears to have a grasp of Chris MacMillan’s offense.

It doesn’t hurt to have his his predecessor, Steven Rivera, on hand to coach him up.

In the MVL we’re hearing the Knights, but we’re also hearing Steven Nava and Rosemead, South El Monte, El Monte and Mt. View. But you know where I’m hearing the most noise? Gabrielino.

Elijah Peters to Jeremy Franco!

What’s going on at La Canada?

That’s my principle.

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The Peterson Principle