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By Joe Torosian

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“Well holy moly me oh my You’re the apple of my eye Girl I’ve never loved one like you.”— Edward Sharpe

Yeah, I know the Heat rolled on Sunday night but they did it without LeBron James. James got fat after the game was decided. The blocked shot was nice though.

Again, I never had a problem with the way he left Cleveland. My only beef, repeated like a broken record, is him being declared among the greatest of all time without really achieving anything great.

He’s got so much talent, so much ability, but he is always so underwhelming…

Yasiel Puig is the best thing out of Cuba since Desi Arnaz…

I thought it was a good year for the Kings all things considered…All things being its hockey, we’re in California and the games are way overpriced…

Last Add LeBron: If only the IRS was as underwhelming as LeBron…Now that would be a tax system I could live with.

Home runs, pennant chases, great pitching…and all the sabermetric people can come up with is: “Don’t bunt!”

Does anyone remember former Jacksonville Jaguar receiver Mike Sims Walker? You probably don’t, because I was the only dork that invested in him for my fantasy team.

Note to Dodger Fans: If Puig goes into a slump, blame me. I signed him to my fantasy team. Generally anyone I sign, in any sport, goes into an immediate tail spin when they get on one of my fantasy rosters.

I really enjoyed watching Mt. View throw the ball on Thursday…Now don’t get crazy, I’m not predicting anything or saying they are going to make a run. I just liked the way they went out on the field against bigger stronger teams like Downey, Bigflower, and Schurr.

I said trade Andre Ethier a month ago…and now “smart” baseball people are saying he would be a good fit for the Mets…If the Mets are still the New York team that enjoys taking on bloated contracts of players past their prime then, yes, Andre Ethier would be a good fit.

I wonder whatever happened to Justin Sellers?

Do you think the Angels still wish they had Ervin Santana?

Expect a local coaching change, another one, very very soon.

How tolerant am I? Well I wouldn’t let Miami Heat forward Birdman Andersen through my front door, date my daughter, or hirer him to cover football for us in the fall…But I would make sure he got big minutes along the front line of my basketball team. Dude, does a good job.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.