News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.

Little League District 18 History

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In the breakdown of local Little Leagues its important to note that El Monte American, El Monte National, El Monte Eastern, Alhambra American, East Alhambra, South El Monte National, Temple City National, and Temple City American all compete in District 18.

In July all star teams from each of these leagues will compete for the District crown and an opportunity to advance to sectionals, and hopefully, someday, to Williamsport the home of the Little League World Series.

District 18 Champions

1958  Norwood Village—Eventually became El Monte National

1959  Temple City National

1960  Temple City National

1961  El Monte American

1962  San Gabriel American—Disorganized

1963  El Monte National

1964  El Monte American

1965  El Monte National

1966  San Gabriel Eastern—Disorganized

1967  El Monte National

1968  El Monte National

1969  El Monte National

1970  El Monte National

1971  El Monte National

1972  Sunnyslope—Disorganized

1973  El Monte National

1974  El Monte National

1975  Alhambra Eastern

1976  El Monte Eastern

1977  Alhambra National

1978  South El Monte

1979  South El Monte

1980  Temple City National

1981  El Monte American

1982  Alhambra American

1983  El Monte American

1984  El Monte American

1985  El Monte American

1986  El Monte National

1987  El Monte American

1988  Rosemead American—Disorganized

1989  El Monte American

1990  El Monte National

1991  El Monte American

1992  El Monte American

1993  El Monte American

1994  South El Monte

1995  Eagle Rock—No longer part of District 18

1996  El Monte American

1997  El Monte American

1998  El Monte American

1999  Northeast Los Angeles

2000  El Monte American

2001  El Monte American

2002  Northeast Los Angeles

2003  El Monte American

2004  Temple City National

2005  South Pasadena

2006  South Pasadena

2007  Northeast Los Angeles

2008  El Monte American

2009  El Monte National

2010  Temple City American

2011  Temple City American

2012  South Pasadena


*The District 18 Tournament of Champions will be held June 10-18

*Closing Ceremonies for El Monte National will be held on June 8, 11:AM at Lambert Park

*EMN National Blue Jays are 11-0 this season

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Little League District 18 History