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By Tim Peterson

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I’m at the Hall of Fame Game Friday night at West Covina High School and I’m still getting ripped by game director Leon Ward. He gave it to me on the phone Thursday night and he wasn’t finished when he caught up to me Friday night.

“You didn’t write anything about the game!” Ward said emphatically. “You didn’t give us any love!”

I asked him for a program after I saw that Fred Robledo from the Trib had one but he wasn’t having any of it. “At least Fred takes care of me. That’s why he’s got one,” Ward claimed. “You don’t take care of us at all.”

I tried to defend myself by reminding him that I spoke to him on the phone three weeks ago and asked him to send me the rosters for East and West and that I would post them on the website. Of course that would mean sending them to me by email which apparently Ward does not use. But my defense was shot down.

“You didn’t say squat!” Ward said in no uncertain terms. “You didn’t get any publicity!”

At this point I think I saw a hint of a smile cross Ward’s face but I’m not sure. I don’t know if I was being punked or he was legitimately angry.

I still don’t know if Ward will move the game to January or early February next year although MVS staffer Duane Barker did his best to try to convince him. Barker’s point was that if the game was played on Saturday night it wouldn’t interfere with the other sports like basketball and the players would still be in pretty good shape with the season having ended just a month or two before.

Great idea but not sure if Ward is buying. By the way I never did get my program.

As for the game itself the West was simply overmatched. Of course with Monrovia and Muir players completely void of the West roster (Prom night) that wasn’t surprising. The East just had too many good athletes, namely Aaren Vaughns, and the West couldn’t keep up. The quarterbacks were constantly under pressure and the East defense made a couple of big defensive plays that killed the West.

I was checking out the seniors on the Muir and Monrovia rosters from this past season. Can you imagine the difference it would have made had Ge Vontray Ainsworth, Mason Bryant, George Frazier, Blake Heyworth, Anthony Craft, Brett Walsh, Isaac Miravet, Tyshawn Goodman, Mark Samuels, Joshua muema-Washington, and Lamarr McDaniels played? Or even half of them? Yeah, they were missed.

Just because Vaughns was ejected from the game late in the fourth quarter should that take him out of the running for MVP? I understand setting an example, etc., but Vaughns was clearly the best player on the field, at least for the this game, and should have taken home the hardware despite a couple of seconds of questionable behavior. I mean, it’s football. Scuffles happen.

I caught up with West Covina Coach Mike Maggiore at the game and he also suggested the game be moved to January. And that was without any prodding from me.

Montebello DC Brian Zavala compared his current crop of linebackers to his group at Northview in 2008. If you remember Andrew Rodriguez, Lionel Acosta, and Christian Vargas from that Viking squad you know that’s quite a statement by Zavala. Keep an eye on the Oilers.

Former Bell Gardens HC David Ramos said he is busy these days trying to get St. Paul back on track as a member of its coaching staff. “They didn’t do us any favors with the schedule,” he said.

Former West Covina running back B.J. Lee, now running track at USC, won the PAC 12 100 meters last weekend with a 10.07, which is the ninth best time in the world this year and second in the NCAA. The time was also fifth best in the country for any age. No wonder they could never catch him.

That’s my principle.

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