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By Joe Torosian

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“A day in the Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal is a banquet, every pay check a fortune, every formation a parade. I love the Corps!”

—Sergeant Apone


I’m kinda sorta still into Fantasy Baseball…When I was in first I loved it, now that it seems I’m locked into second it’s just okay.

Matt Kemp is killing me…

I agree with Peterson on this: Move the East-West Hall of Fame game to February.

Did you know the Burbank schools, with feature Burroughs and Burbank High, schools that match up with Arcadia in Pacific League play, they get out of class this week….They go back August 12th.

Said it a month ago, will say it again…Bassett.

Last Add Fantasy Baseball: How worried am I about me team?…Well, I just signed Marco Scuataro of the San Francisco Giants.

It’s been a bad couple of years for former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson, formerly known as Ocho Cinco. He’s been arrested in Florida for violating his probation on a domestic violence charge.

Can Indiana beat Miami? Yes.

Will Indiana beat Miami?…I don’t think so.

I love hockey don’t you?

Does it make you feel old knowing that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be turning 36 this season? By the way this fall will be his 14th NFL season. Might not seem like a big deal to you, but wow it just seems like it has gone by way to fast…at least for me.

Still, the Patriots cheated when they beat the Rams in Super Bowl 36.

Note to producers…we need a baseball movie, using the same cast from “42” about the “Boys of Summer”…It’s time.

I heard there was a bigfoot sighting in West Covina last Friday…No kidding, a real sighting.

Hope if the Dodgers fire Don Mattingly this week, they at least buy him a ticket to come home on.

I just don’t know how you fire Mattingly without firing Ned Colletti…

I’m gonna go out on a limb…Monrovia wins a fourth consecutive CIF title in football…

Okay, I guess that’s not much of a newsbreak…how about…Monrovia will be playing San Dimas in the CIF finals this year?

Okay…not a shocker there…

How about Gabrielino winning the Mission Valley League in football?

You might have something to say about that…

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.