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By Tim Peterson

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The Lakers and Clippers are done but the NBA playoffs are as intriguing ever. The Golden State Warriors haven’t been this exciting since the Run TMC days and in San Antonio you wonder how long Tim Duncan can continue to play at a high level.

With Russell Westbrook out it’s anybody’s ballgame in the West. Kevin Durant may be the second best player in the league but Oklahoma City needs to find somebody else to score. Memphis has the best one-two punch in the league down low with Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Who would have ever thought that Marc would be considered the best of the two Gasol brothers?

Randolph is the type of player that you hate if he’s not on your team. But if he’s on your side you would welcome with open arms. He has that Kevin McHale quality about him. With those two pounding the Thunder in the paint it’s clear that OKC would have trouble with the Grizzlies even with Westbrook.

The Miami Heat has done nothing to lead me to believe that they won’t win their second straight championship. But Chicago, minus Derrick Rose, Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich have definitely made it interesting. Joakim Noah has made me a believer. He has completely dispelled any notions of being soft since joining the Bulls – a knock on him coming out of Florida.

Yes LeBron James was shoved by Nazr Mohammed in Game Three but he also should be presented with an Oscar in addition to his MVP award. I haven’t seen that great of an acting job since Daniel Day-Lewis in “There Will Be Blood.”

The fact is though it’s tough to defend James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. If two of the three are on their game they’re going to score enough points to win. If all three are it’s usually lights out. Not even Noah or Nate Robinson are going to counter that. It would be nice to see Rose play but I’m not going to beat him up if he doesn’t. The truth is the Bulls have been playing for so long now without him I don’t think his five to ten minutes would make a difference.

The Knicks will never be a threat as long as Carmelo Anthony is the only one that can score. When he gets 40, Knick fans heap praise on him but it makes New York completely one dimensional. J.R. Smith is a nice second option when he’s consistent but he’s usually not. Smith was 7 for 30 from the field in the first two games of the series. With not enough bullets in the gun Indiana will eventually put the Knicks away.

The Dodgers are showing some signs of life – that is if you consider a couple of wins over the lowly Florida Marlins signs of life. Note to Dodger fans – especially the lady that was holding her kid in the field level section last Friday night- sit down. Please sit down. If you’re standing up staring at the field for an entire half of an inning there are going to be quite a few ticked off fans sitting behind you that can’t see anything but your backside. MOVE!

Did you know that the Toronto Blue Jays haven’t been to the post season since 1993? After taking on several big salaries from the Marlins in the off season, a 15-24 start isn’t what they had in mind.

Comments and e mails are flooding in comparing the Antonio “Noodles” Hull transfer to Kurt Scoby who is now at Monrovia after four transfers. “Why was Scoby’s allowed while Hull’s was denied?” folks want to know. On the surface it’s hard to figure but it does prove the point that there’s more to it than we know. CIF obviously knows something we don’t. Undue influence? Athletically motivated? Whatever it is just the fact that Hull’s eligibility was denied shows that there was something that CIF was aware of. Whether West Covina disputed the transfer or not may not have made a difference. CIF was already aware of a violation and made the call.

That’s my principle.

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