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MonroviaTown Trio Inks With Top Schools

Joe Torosian

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Monrovia High School senior quarterback, Blake Heyworth, and two senior women’s track stars, Jasmine Thomas and Chastity Fellows, will be heading to Tufts University, University of California Riverside and Fresno State, respectively.

Thursday all three signed their letters of intent for their perspective schools in the Monrovia H.S. auditorium in front of coaches, administration, family and friends.

Head football coach Ryan Maddox highlighted Heyworth’s great grades and spoke highly about his readiness to move on to the next level of play.

“Absolutely. His strengths were really his ability to get rid of the ball quickly and find the open receivers,” said Maddox.” He’s going to get bigger, he’s going to get stronger, he’s got the height, he’s got this [indicating to his brain] and he’s got the ability on the line to make the checks.”

Maddox answered the question many fans wonder about every quarterback going up in class of play when he said, “He’s got the arm in which he can get it done.”

With track stars Thomas and Fellows also receiving school recognition Monrovia is bountiful with proud parents.

Father and coach of Thomas, James Thomas, said, “I’m nervous because that’s my baby girl, but I think she’ll do a great job and she’s been training hard, and I think she’s ready for the next level.”

The nice thing about Thomas staying local is that her father will get to see her run.

“Heck ya, that’s one of the great things, Riverside is only an hour away and I’ll get to see her run at every home meet,” Mr. Thomas said.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
MonroviaTown Trio Inks With Top Schools