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By Joe Torosian

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“Wish upon, wish upon, day upon day, I believe oh lord

I believe all the way!”—David Bowie

Ask me what I think politically, and I’m ready to go.

Ask me what I think about theological and spiritual matters, and I’ve got it down.

Ask me what I want for dinner, and I’m down with the get down.

Ask me about the Los Angeles Rams, and I’ll tell you I love them.

Ask me about the Los Angeles Lakers, and I’ll tell you I could care less.

Ask me about the Los Angeles Dodgers, and I’ll tell you I hate their bench.

Ask me about the Los Angeles Kings, and I’ll tell you I love the playoffs.

Ask me about Dick Enberg, and I’ll tell you he’s underrated.

Ask me about Vin Scully, and I can’t say enough.

Ask me about the East-West Hall of Fame game scheduled for May 17th…

Yeah…I don’t know.

I don’t know if there’s been a local sporting event I’ve been all over the yard about like this one.

Back in the day I used to ignore this game because I hated exhibition football. When we started covering it I was more than happy to send Duane “Bad News” Barker to it with his camera while I did the Little League playoffs.

Then I got dragged to a game. Saw La Canada’s La Velle Peterson dominate a first half. I believe a year later I saw South El Monte’s Tommy Cogburn torch some Charter Oak defensive backs who insisted on covering him in single coverage.

Good stuff.

Still, it was exhibition football. To me football is football, great to watch, great to be around, but it has to count for something. If guys are going to start knocking heads, it has to mean something.

On my way to the game one year I got a call that someone was in the emergency room so I didn’t see it. I thought I would miss seeing the game, but I didn’t.

I understand why coaches and schools offering scholarships don’t want their recruits to play in an all star game.

But then you see the guy that hasn’t been recruited playing you are happy for him.

So, exhibition or not, the game is great because it puts smiles on a lot of faces.

I liked it in June, would love it in February, thought it was great to move it to May, but now I don’t know.

No one should miss their prom for this game, but if you want to play in it you should.

I’m glad its not a nuclear issue, I’m glad its not the fate of the world, I’m glad its only football.

But I will forever be conflicted.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.