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By Joe Torosian

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“Yeah, you’re right, man. That is enough!”

— Shane Walsh

Is there a way for me to get Rosemead’s Steven San Miguel onto my fantasy baseball team?

My brackets are still perfect, this is exactly how I predicted the Final Four would turnout…

Oh, I’ve always been a Bryce Harper fan.

During the course of the 2012 football season the El Monte Lions converted 33 of 65 fourth down attempts, which is 51%. A deeper look shows on downs where teams need to convert or it leads to giving the ball back (For traditional teams this means failing to convert on third down and then punting) the Lions were 89 of 134, which 67%.

Now that kind of information should make you a fan…

Here I am, one day into the Fantasy Baseball experience and I’m already thinking I made a mistake with Ian Kinsler.

The good news for Carson Palmer is he now has Larry Fitzgerald to throw to in Arizona…The bad news for Carson Palmer is now in Arizona. I believe what was left of his career just got significantly shorter.

Good move for the Raiders in acquiring Matt Flynn. As a non-Raider fan it is oddly exciting to see them making smart moves for a change.

Question is there still an arena league for former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor to play in? I’m sure when Oakland releases him he can always find work in Buffalo…It’s funny how there is always work in Buffalo.

Still rumors about Pasadena Marshall coming to the Mission Valley League persist.

Why are the Lakers retiring Shaq’s jersey?

The NBA is a little easier to digest these days now that the Miami Heat’s winning streak is no more…

Really Steve Alford? That’s the best UCLA can do?

Alford going to UCLA is like being promised a date with somebody named Gisele and having somebody named Harriet show up instead.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but please…no spam for lunch. Thanks.

We’re gonna have to keep an eye on Gabrielino linebacker Chris Montoya heading into 2013 season.

Thank you Jerry Jones for signing Tony Romo…Six years/108 million…Music to my ears…55 million guaranteed…25 million just for signing his name…and the Cowboys locked into mediocrity for another half decade…This is pure joy…

“These new rules are going to get somebody killed.”— New Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard on the safety changes being instituted by the NFL.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.