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By Joe Torosian

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“Did I ever tell you, that the first time I saw you I felt like I had seen you before?”

— Joe Banks

Oh, I’ve always been an Antawn Jamison fan…

Is the World Baseball Classic still going on? Don’t take that as a negative towards baseball, I think I may have found my way back to the grand old game…I’m just not jazzed by the WBC.

Last Add WBC: Mets third baseman David Wright was tearing it up for God and before straining a muscle so he left the United States team…I guess God and Country don’t get theirs before the Major League Baseball season…

…And that’s the rub. I would be surprised if the United States ever wins this deal because its not the same as the MLB season. It’s not the same as the World Series…But to Japan, Taiwan, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, and every place else on the globe it is the golden chalice.

So…yawn…With so much to see, so many things happening from the Lakers to the Kings, to NFL free agency, and the hollow shell of what used to be the great game of college basketball…who cares about an exhibition where most of the players from the key country involved see it as nothing more as an exhibition…Yawn again…

“I know what you are up to Joe,” former El Monte boys basketball HC John “Rat Dog” Gillette told me a few years ago when I asked for his NCAA tourney Final Four picks. “You just want me to go on record so you can bad mouth me when I get it wrong.”


I do still enjoy the tournament, I just wish I knew the players…There was a time, besides blocking out my schedule for the opening two days of the tournament, that myself, Peterson, and Bad News Barker knew the starting line ups of half the teams.

I don’t anymore…Life happens…Bad basketball happens…one and done happens…

Give me Gonzaga, give me a mid-major, or give me Tom Crean and Indiana…I have always been a Hoosier fan…

Don’t believe me? You want the starting lineup from the 1976 undefeated team?

Last week I made a comment about Kurt Scoby when speculation was circulating that the premier running back was going to end up at Monrovia.

That was not intended to be a slam on Scoby. All I know about Kurt Scoby is that he’s gone from Charter Oak to Duarte to St. Paul and left the Swordsmen for another school in the middle of the season. That’s not good.

What I said was Monrovia does not need Scoby, they don’t. But Scoby sure could use a place like Monrovia where an experienced, solid, coaching staff would be a positive influence on him.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.