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By Joe Torosian

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“Do it Norman!”—– Chick Hearn

I don’t know why, and I could be wrong, but I really think Monrovia trench man Avonte Moore will have a big 2013.

I saw him on film as a sophomore and I really liked him…but then again I’ve drank the kool aid before. I thought T.J. Rubley was going to be great.

Yeah that World Baseball Classic…yawn…that’s a real barnburner.

I can’t believe some are trying to make the Clippers DeAndre Jordan the bad guy in his monster dunk on the Pistons Brandon Knight over the weekend.

If Knight is on the court he is eligible to be slammed on, dunked on, pushed, shoved, and/or intimated…I don’t care how big he is…He can be Wilt Chamberlain or Spud Webb…Jordan’s dunk was impressive…

And according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski society is at fault for giving Knight a hard time about being dunked on…Ironic since it was the major media that created this beast where everything and everyone associated with basketball has to fall down and worship the slam dunk or the block shot.

Stockton and Malone running the pick and roll are old school and at worst dirty players…

But the fundamentally flawed basketball player is considered great because of a 48 inch vertical.

Now they don’t like it because everyone is going after Brandon Knight for getting dunked on…Hello, you created this. Every time someone watches ESPN’s highlight package it just reinforces the very thing that has destroyed basketball…

There…I said it. And I’ll say it again…basketball is destroyed.

Do you know how good the El Monte basketball teams were back in the late 70’s and early 80’s? They were excellent and yet I can only think of two that got a sniff at D-1 ball…and one of those places was U.S. International in San Diego.

Those teams, uncluttered by the highlight reel and feeble attempts to replicate them, would dominate in old school UCLA fashion all the programs in this area. Probably all the way out to Glendora.

You know why they would dominate? Because they were taught and learned how to play the game from some really good coaches.

Man…basketball sucks right now, the only thing worse is the World Baseball Classic.

How bad is basketball? I’ll go as far as to say that I could take Peterson, Bad News Barker and two scrubs from our sports staff and beat most (not all) of the varsity teams in the Mid-Valley Area…(just give us a couple of weeks to stretch)…

Let me know…

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