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By Joe Torosian

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“When I feel it, I shoot it. When I don’t feel it, I still shoot it anyway.”

—-Truck Robinson

Best question I heard over the weekend; “Why was it okay for Katie Couric to ask Manti Teo if he was gay in front of millions of people, but not for NFL teams to ask the same in private meetings?”

Wow, here come the Lakers…Not really, I don’t know, not sure…and I just don’t care.

I’ve become a Yasiel Puig fan…

One Note to the Dodgers: I’ve seen three spring training games already…that’s three more than I saw all last season after July 31st…I am perfectly satisfied in the Brian Barden department…Can you please release this guy and let me get a glimpse of someone else?

P.S. Release Juan Uribe and lets be done with it…

Last Note Dodgers: My daughter came into the room the other day and saw a lefthander pitching…when I told her it wasn’t Clayton Kershaw she left the room no longer interested.

Really? Dallas McPherson?

Keith Olbermann wants to return to ESPN…Not a fan of ESPN but does anyone willing go to the dentist and tell the receptionist; “Hi, can you help me? I feel like having a root canal procedure done without a pain-killer.”

There was a time when Olbermann was cool…Then again so were Wallabies…

Did you know some schools intend on throwing (football) before March is over…?

Note to Baseball/Softball Coaches: Get your rosters up on MaxPreps.

Last Olbermann: I’d put up with three hours of old Keith before I watch a minute of “The Masters”…In fact I’d rather go to the DMV than be forced to watch golf on TV.

I’d be more interested if it was Willie Crawford and not Carl Crawford making the news today…

Willie Crawford homered in the first Dodger game I attended on August 4,1975…So did Davey Lopes and Bill Buckner…

The Baltimore Ravens gave Joe Flacco a lot of money, you can understand. The last time a quarterback led them to Super Bowl win they didn’t bring him back.

When Elvis Grbac threw his last pass for the Ravens in 2001 fans were more than thrilled to hear; “Elvis has left the building!”

Interesting a recent article on Yahoo said that both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow struggled at quarterback for the New York Jets last season. Tebow threw six passes and completed eight in 2012. I don’t call that struggling, I call that a decision to not play a playoff winning quarterback from the season before.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.