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By Joe Torosian

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“Hey, whata you gonna do? Nice college boy doesn’t want to get mixed up in the family business.”— Sonny Corleone

Go Pacers…!

Haven’t seen much of the Lakers…but Kobe does look pretty good this year…

At the Oscars last night did anyone do the obligatory: “Jennifer Lawrence was tackled by Mati Te’o’s girlfriend”?

I wouldn’t mind “Argo” over winning over “Lincoln” if it had stayed factual…but that wouldn’t have fit the narrative…

For the last five years I’ve been taking heat for watching and slamming people for not watching the NFL Combine…I missed most of it this year…and got ridiculed for it.

If the 49ers Alex Smith really wants to go to another team and be the starting quarterback, he needs to be willing to scale back his contract. If I was a GM, I’d look at him but not at 9.5 million a year.

Personally, I’d like him to stay in Frisco and keep their salary cap nice and bloated.

Looking at the softball and baseball scores locally this weekend and I have one question…Did anybody win?

Wow, Jimmie Johnson won the Daytona 500…Two Super Bowls, a National Championship, an appearance on Survivor and now a Daytona title?

(Okay all the jokes can’t be good, you have to expect that once in a while.)

Sandy Koufax is a guest instructor for the Dodgers this year…Nice, but I’ve been seeing all this “Legends dropping by the batting cage” stuff all my life. Duke Snider coming in to talk to hitters, Maury Wills working with the squad on base running…Yawn…Give me a fricken title…

Now that I’ve made the effort to get back into baseball all I can say is Clayton Kershaw better be healthy…

Hey there’s hockey going on…

And you gotta love it…Think about this…The Anaheim Ducks’s Teemu Selanne is 42 years old, he’s been in the NHL for 20 years, and the right winger is making 4.5 million this season.

Speaking of which, I saw Paul Kariya the other day. He looks great, nice guy, and I wished him well after tipping him for putting my groceries in the trunk of the car.

I don’t have any inside scoop, but expect a familiar name to emerge as the next Arcadia HC…Call it a HUNCH!

Former San Gabriel HC Jude Oliva has landed at Maranatha as the school’s new offensice coordinator…Even better, he got a full time teaching gig.

Last Add Oscars: Can somebody get Anne Hathaway a cheeseburger?

Shouldn’t 50-Cent have to take some sensitivity courses or something after coming on to Erin Andrews at Daytona? At the very least she should have his eyes checked.

Go Pablo!

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.